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Padaleeswarar Temple, Cuddalore

Padaleeswarar Temple, Cuddalore
Padaleeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Thirupathiripuliyur locality in Cuddalore Town in Cuddalore District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Padaleeswarar / Sivakozhundeeswarar / Karaiyearteeswarar / Kannivananathan / Thondar Thunainathan / Kadaignazhaludayaperuman / Utharesan / Patalanathan / Karaiyettrumpiran. Mother is called as Brihannayagi / Periyanayagi / Arunthava Nayagi / Brahmanayaki / Thogaiambigai.

The place is called as Thirupathiripuliyur. The former part of the name of this sacred place indicates the Sthala Vriksham (the tree of the temple) Pathiri tree and the later part Puliyur indicates the tiger saint Vyakrapada who penanced in this place. The Temple was constructed during the Pallava and Medieval Chola periods. The Saivite saint Appar is believed to have adopted Saivism at this temple. There is a belief/myth that by worshiping this God single time is equal to 16 times worshiping the Shiva in Kasi, 8 times in Thiruvannamalai and 3 times in Chidambaram.

The presiding deity is revered in the 7th century Tamil Saiva canonical work, the Thevaram, written by Tamil saint poets known as the Nayanmars and classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam. This is 50th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 18th sthalam of Nadu Naadu on the banks of river Kedilam. Saint Arunagirinathar has also sang songs in praise of Lord Murugan of this temple in his revered Thirupugazh. The Temple plays a unique role in the history of Hindu religion, art, and architecture.

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It was constructed during the Pallava and Medieval Chola periods. The Saivite saint Appar is believed to have adopted Saivism at this temple. This shrine is a very ancient one held in high veneration by the Shaivites. According to the inscriptions found in the temple, the history of this temple could be traced to the periods of Parantaka Chola, Rajaraja Chola I, Rajendra Chola I, Kulothunga I, Vikrama Chola and also by the kings of Pallava and Pandiya dynasties who had performed renovation works from time to time in this temple and also made grants and gifts for the upkeep of this temple. The Philanthropic family of Pudukkottai Nagarathaar, renovated this temple and performed Kumbabishekam on 28-06-1917, followed by the one held on 8-2-73 undertaken, thanks to efforts of local devotees.

The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
The Temple remains open from 5.30 AM to 12.00 Noon and 3.00 PM to 09.00 PM.
Pooja Timings
·        Thiruvanathal (6.00 AM)
·        Kala Santhi (8.30 AM)
·        Uchi Kalam (11.30 AM)
·        Sayaratchai (5.30 PM)
·        Second Kalam (7.00 PM)
·        Arthajamam (8.30 PM)
Chithirai Vasanthotsavam, Tamil New Year, 13 days Vaikasi Brahmotsavam, Aani Thirumanjanam, Adi Pooram, 10 days Appar Utsavam, Adi Fridays, and Monthly Pradoshams are the festivals celebrated here with much fanfare.
Literary Mention
This is 50th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 18th sthalam of Nadu Naadu on the banks of river Kedilam. Two saints, Thirunavukkarasar and Tirugnanasambandar who played wonders and miracles through their divine hymns have glorified the sacredness of the presiding deity Padaleeswarar in their works. Thiru Gyana Sambandhar addressed Thiru Navukarasar as Appar for first time in this place. Arunagirinathar’s work Thirupugazh hailed for its chaste and unparalleled beauty includes songs in praise of lord shanmugar of this sacred temple.
Padaleeswarar Temple,
Cuddalore District – 607 002
Phone: +91 4142 236 728
The Temple is located at about 1 Km from Cuddalore Main Bus Stand, 650 meters from Thirupathiripuliyur Railway Station, 22 Kms from Panruti, 25 Kms from Puducherry, 28 Kms from Puducherry Airport, 44 Kms from Chidambaram, 43 Kms from Villupuram, 190 Kms from Chennai and 172 Kms from Chennai Airport. The Temple is situated in the centre of the new Town Cuddalore and very near to Bus Stand and Railway Station. Frequent buses are available from all the major cities of Tamil Nadu to Cuddalore.