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Kumbakkarai Falls

Kumbakkarai Falls
Kumbakkarai Falls are lesser known falls in the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills. They are located at 10°10′48″N 77°31′50″E in Dindigul district, 9 kilometers (5.6 mi) from Periyakulam. Kumbakkarai Falls are located along the Kodai-Vellagavi-Periyakulam foot path.
These falls have two stages. At the first stage, water collects in huge rock recesses which are each named after wild animals such as tiger, elephant, snake etc. The Pambar River then flows .5 km (0.31 mi) to the second stage before falling as the main waterfall.

The Kumbakkarai Falls are located near Theni district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The origin of the cascade is from the Western Ghats and the waters flow through the rocks, over the green pastures, to descend as Kumbakkarai Falls, at the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills. Due to the long journey of the waters, they acquire healing and medicinal powers, to cure skin and other minor ailments. The Kumbakkarai Falls are lesser to known to the tourists, while being quite popular amongst the locals. The source of the waters of the Kumbakkarai Falls is the River Pamba.
The water originates in Kodaikanal Hills and flows along the rocks and finally reaches the foot hills. This place is called Kumbakkarai. The travellers come here and take bath in the falls. The water flows throughout the year; but in rainy seasons the flow will be very heavy. Bathing is possible.
The Kumbakkarai Falls take a double drop or fall down the rocks in two stages. In the first stage, the water collects in rock recesses that have been named after wild animals found in the nearby forests such as tiger, elephant, snake etc. In the second stage, the River Pamba flows for a stretch of 5 kilometers, before descending down as the Kumbakkarai cascade. The tourists who visit these falls enjoy bathing under the healing waters. The Kumbakkarai Falls remain perennial throughout the year and the water currents are fierce during the rains. The height of the Kumbakkarai Falls is up to 400 meters.

A Lord Murugan Statue stands in the middle of the Kumbakkarai Falls. This cascade can be found en route to the famous hill station of south, Kodaikanal. The Kumbakkarai Falls serve as the base camp for the trekking expeditions to the Kodaikanal Hills. Amongst the Kumbakkarai Hills, this dangerous waterfall attracts many a tourists. Near the falls, a temple dedicated to Goddess Thadagai Nachiamman is visited by devout pilgrims. The temple is an ancient structure over 5 centuries old. For the young visitors, the Sirumalai Amusement Park is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from the Kumbakkarai Falls.
The present day Kumbakkarai which is tourist spot was once nothing but a forest with waterfalls. Thiru K.Chellam Iyer an affluent business man of Periyakulam those days and Proprietor of Bavani Krishna Vilas hotel wanted Kumbakkarai water falls to be one another tourist spot similar to Courtallam. He obtained permission of the British government in 1942 and constructed dressing rooms, staircases and bathing spots in that area at his own expense and Kumbakkarai waterfalls soon turned out to be a tourist spot. The present day Kumbakkarai still speak of his name. The stone inscription at Kumbakkarai waterfalls speaks about his contribution to the falls. The Murugan statue that can be seen in the Photo was sponsored by Thiru K Chellam Iyer of Periyakulam.
Visit with caution
The Kumbakkarai Falls are mighty and dangerous. The visitors bathing at the cascade should be careful of the slippery rocks and the heavy down pour of water. Holding on to the railings and each other’s hands would prove to be safe. It is advisable to take local help to visit the falls and for the trek into the hills. The temperatures at the Kumbakkarai Falls remain low even in summers and the weather can be quite chilly during the winter months! There are many temples on the way to the Kumbakkarai Falls from the nearest town. The nearest railway station and airport to the Kumbakkarai Falls is at Madurai.
Kumbakkarai Falls is located very near to Theni district but falls under Dindigul District. This falls is exactly 8Kilometers away from Periyakulam. Theni is famous for Suruli falls and Kumbakkarai falls were visited next to Suruli falls. The water is available for the whole year. The water density is low during summer days and rich during the winter days. The source of water comes from Western Ghats. Peoples were allowed to bath in this waterfalls. If the water flow is high then people were restricted to bath in the falls. Kumbakkarai Falls is dangerous and people should take care of their life. Dangerous regions were notified by notice board anyhow it is your own duty to save your life. Kumbakkarai falls has many slippery regions and people were requested to bath with help of some support.

There are many tourist spot near Kumbakkarai. You can also visit Suruli falls which is located near to Theni. Theni is a nice place with rich natural source. The Kumbakkarai climate will be cool all over the year. Winter days will too cool and summer days will be cool. You can enjoy the fine breeze. On the way to Kumbakkarai there will be several temples. In addition to this there trekking path to Kumbakkarai to Kodaikanal. People in Kumbakkarai will help you for your trekking journey. 
There is no accommodation near Kumbakkarai. Actually it is a forest. You can take room in Theni or Madurai or Periyakulam. If you are searching for 5 star hotels then Madurai suits you. But you can choose Theni or Periyakulam for your accommodation because it has good climate. Theni and Periyakulam have also got some decent hotels to stay.
Bus facilities
Bus facilities were available to Kumbakkarai through Periyakulam. Bus facilities are available for every 2 hours. There is a bus from Periyakulam with fare of Rs. 5 (6AM, 7AM, 1PM, 3.30PM & 4.30PM).Also you can hire some autos to reach Kumbakkarai. Hiring auto may charge you more.

By Air: Nearest airport is Madurai.
By Train: Nearest Railway junction is at Madurai.
By Road:  Nearest Bus stand is at Theni.
Madurai is well connected to Theni and all parts of Tamilnadu. So it is good to choose Madurai. Theni is well connected to Kumbakkarai via Periyakulam. You have first reach Periyakulam to reach Kumbakkarai.


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