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Periamariamman Temple

Periamariamman Temple

Periamariamman Temple is one of the major locations that were founded by Kongu Cholas. The shrine is believed be more than 1,200 years old, which is associated with Hindu Mythology. As per the legend, 'Mariamman', Queen Goddess had a dynasty at the place. The Goddess had a gift to cure ailments such as small pox, chicken pox and other skin disorders.
The temple is frequented by devotees irrespective of caste, creed and religious differentiation. The temple complex sprawls over an area of 3,500 sq.ft. Regional fairs and festivals such as Panguni Ther Thiruviza and Pongal are celebrated with zeal and pomp.

Arulmigu Periya Mariamman Temple is Located in the famous road of” prab road” and opposite to municipality office, Amman located in north side. Periya mariamman Temple is 60 Kilometers from salem and 100 Kilometers from Coimbatore.
Before 1200 years ‘Kongu Cholas’ formed this temple. The area of the temple is 3500 sq.ft. The entire temple is renovated in the year 1969 by devotees. Panguni Ther Thiruviza and Pongal is one of the special festivals of the temple. During this festival each and every family of the town will be offering and respecting the ‘Godess’ through their ‘Ma-vilaku’ workship.

Periamariamman Temple is situated at heart of the Erode Town. According to ‘Hindu Mythology’ Mariamman is the ‘Queen godess’ having ‘Her’ own dynasity where ‘she’ is situated further having the power to eradicate the illness due to excessive heat like small pox, chicken pox, high temperature. Hence, ‘Periamariamman’ is worshipped commonly without any caste, creed, and religion differentiation.

Pooja Details

Name Of Pooja
7.00 A.M
Kalasandhi Pooja
12.00 Noon
Uchikala Pooja
7.30 P.M
Sayarachai Pooja

Pooja Fees Structure

Archanai Ticket
Palabisakam Ticket
Kan Malar
Mudi Kanikkai
Maa Vilakku Ticket
Two Wheeler(pooja)
Four Wheeler
Special Abisakam
New Account
Special Dharisana
Kaala Pooja
Temple History


The important festival of this temple is "Panguni Theervizha", The festival will start on first Tuesday at month of Panguni in every year. The other activities of festivals are like
1. Kambam Naduthal 
2. Maa vilakku 
3. Karagam Eduthal 
4. Pongal 
5. Theerottam
The festivals are conducted 20 days and taking simultaneously in three temples like Arulmigu Periya Mariamman, Arulmigu Chinna Mariamman, Arulmigu Vaikkal Mariamman. Erode Periya Mariamman festival is one of the biggest festival in erode city, In festival days many type of culture programs are conducted.


Chariot is located in near of Chinna Mariamman temple, and Height of chariot is 30 feet. 
In Every year Puratasi Month 9 Days of Navarathri Festival will be conducted in this temple. At this Time Each days Amman Dharisanam will be in Different views as follows .1.Meenakshi 2.Kamatchi 3.Kasi Visalakshi 4.Deepa Lakshmi 5.Sorna lakshmi 6.Sri galalakshmi 7.Sri sagambari 8.Sri Rajarajeswari 9.Sri saraswati


Annadhana Thittam was also launched in this temple from 23.03.2002. Daily minimum 50 devotees are eating very tasty meals at 12.15 Noon. Those who are interested to do Annadhanam shall deposit rupees Twenty Five Thousands (Rs.25000) in the temple, & Annadhanam will be provided yearly once from the interest amount of deposit.
Further one day Annadhanam will be provided for Rs.1500/- Those who are willing to offer donation are requested to contact the Executive Officer in the temple. Donations are eligible for deduction under section 80G of the IT Act.


The Executive Officer,
Arulmigu Periya Mariamman Temple Thirukoil,
Erode Nagar, Erode District.


Erode being an important business centres in the state is well connected with all modern means of transport except air services. The nearest airport is at Coimbatore (100 kms) which is only a few hours by road. The town can be accessed by roads and rail from State Capital Chennai and other District headquarters of the state.
Erode is an important railway junction on the west coast railway division. The road transportation facility is also convenient and comfortable. There is a number of inter district bus routes operated by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporations linking Erode and other prominent towns in Erode district with places of significance outside the district.

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