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Thiruthani Murugan Temple – The Temple

Thiruthani Murugan Temple – The Temple
Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Koil, Tiruthani is built in Dravidian style of architecture. The beautiful temple of Lord Muruga at Tiruthani crowns a single rock 700 feet above sea level. It is situated amidst a range of hills with a dramatic panoramic view. The hill temple here is reached by a Motorable road, and is also accessed through a flight of 365 steps. 

It has 4 prakarams and a series of towers. There is a shrine to Aabat Sahaya Vinayakar who is said to have come to the aid of Skanda in winning Valli's hand in marriage.

The processional image of Skanda is housed in a Rudraksha vimanam with his consorts. The shadkona padakkam or the hexagonal medallion is adorning the image of Skanda is decorated with green stones and is of great beauty. Also of significance here is a golden vilva garland.

The Kalhara Theertham created by Indira is on the hill.  Lord Muruga met and took Valli and married her in this place. This is a beautiful Muruga temple with 365 steps. Though traditionally devotees begin the worship in any temple with Vinayaka worship, He, Aabath Sahaya Vinayaka (Vinayaka coming to rescue of the devotee when in need) is worshipped at the last phase in this temple.  There is also a Vishnu Durga Temple in this place. This is an ancient temple. The Vimana-roof tower- above the sanctum sanctorum has six petals.

We can notice a scar on the chest of the Lord caused by his direct clash with the demon. In the place of peacock, there is elephant in front of the sanctum sanctorum. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Subramanya Swamy (Lord Murugan), and the sanctum of Lord Murugan is made of 1 lakh Rudrakshas.

The other important deities of this temple are Lord Shanmugha, Goddess Valli, and Goddess Deivayanai. Thiruthani temple is also called by the names Purnagiri, Kshanikachalam, Mooladri, Neelothpala, Shantipuri (abode of peace).

Among the six adobes of Lord Murugan, Thiruthani temple ranks leading because it is said that he blesses with mental peace and happiness as Lord Murugan rested and cooled at this place after killing the demon King Surapadma.

It is also said that when Lord Murugan married Goddess Deivayanai, daughter of Lord Indra, the king of the gods. Lord Indra presented them an elephant named as ‘Airavatham’ as a part of his dowry offerings. On the departure of the elephant Airavatham, presented by the Lord Indra, Lord Indra found that His wealth has been diminished. Upon this, Lord Murugan said to return the elephant Airavatham to Lord Indra. But Lord Indra refused to accept it and demanded that the elephant face his direction.

Hence the elephant Vahana is facing the opposite direction (east) in this temple, while in other temples ‘Vahanas of the deities’ faces towards the Lord in the sanctum. In this temple it can be noticed that there is a scar on the chest of Lord Murugan, caused by the demon Tarakasuran on throwing the discus on Murugan’s chest. And it is said that the discus is gifted to Lord Vishnu.

Unlike other temples, Lord Murugan is not holding his Vel weapon in this temple, instead he holds “Vajra Hastam” in his right and placing left hand on the hip, which represents Gnana Shakti (Power of wisdom).

The Sura Samhara festival (festival of destroying the demon Surapadma) celebrated grandly in all the Murugan temples is not celebrated here, because Lord Murugan rested here to get peaceful mind without any violence.

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