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Karanthamalai Hills, Natham, Dindigul

Karanthamalai Hills, Natham, Dindigul
Karanthamalai is a picturesque village in the Perumalai hill ranges of Dindigul District, Tamilnadu. Perumalai hills are part of the Sirumalai range of Eastern Ghats, and the natural vegetation comprises dry forests.

The villagers of Karanthamalai are cut off from the world and lead life at their own quaint pace. Apart from treks to various viewpoints, streams and reserve forests, we can get a taste of the rustic life. Good possibility of seeing bison, variety of birds and small animals.

This location will be ideal for the Kids to learn about the rural life of Tamilnadu. Beautiful view points with absolutely amazing view of south side of Kodai. It’s a sort of photographer’s paradise.  Karanthamalai Hills are located in the reserved forest area. Numerous wild streams, waterfalls, picturesque landscapes and viewpoints, dense forests dot this place. It is one the best place to spend time from city life.

Ayyanar Temple
There is an Aiyanar Temple of this region worshipped by the 12 villages and other nearby villages. 'Puravi Eduppu' is the festival that will be conducted once in every 3 years for this temple.

Manthaiya Ayya Temple
Another temple located in front of a Village courtyard is 'Manthaiya Ayya'. The people entering into the village will worship this deity first.

Puravi Eduppu Festival
'Puravi Eduppu' is a festival beseeching the rain gods for their mercy. This is the festival taken for the deity Karanthamalai Aiyanar who protects the rural villages and their families. The festival of Aiyanar is decided upon by the entire village. After the decision has been taken, the god sometimes is consulted as well; he will answer e.g., through the "message of salvation". Once the decision made for conducting the festival, with a symbolic handful of earth from the temple the priest requests the potter (Velar) to make the necessary statues.

The temple administration or the village pays for the statues of the deities and some of the horses; the devotee commissions his/her own votive offerings and pays for them. The potters also fashion the statues of the deities and of other items, be they animals or parts of the human body (legs, arms, eyes etc. offered in return for the healing of an illness). The statues are whitewashed and then painted with colors. Large old clay (terracotta) horses reaching a height of two meters and more are wonderfully molded and with intricate decorations with Vestis, Flower garlands. Devotees decorate their votive offerings themselves with flowers, pieces of cloths, balloons, pin-wheels, mirrors, etc.

Over a padding of straw tied to the sides of the larger statues, two wooden poles are fastened with which the statues can be carried. The smaller statues are carried on the head or shoulder of a person. The horses that are given to the god denotes status, strength, power and royal qualities. Once the priest completes performing Puja for all the terracotta's, the clay statues are then carried at a fast pace to the temple, where their eyes are opened and where they receive a place in front of the old statues. This terracotta horses seen inside the compound are given to the god in order to walk around his territory on night time to assert and record its boundaries.
Karanthamalai Hills are located very near to Natham Town. Natham has a bus stand, which is used by RMTC and private operators. Natham city is well connected by Government & Private busses.
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Trichy Railway Station is located at a distance of 90 kms from Natham, Madurai Railway Station is located at a distance of 40 kms from Natham and Dindigul Railway Station is the nearest railway station located at a distance of 33 km from the Natham city.
Madurai Airport is the nearest airport for Natham and it is located at a distance of 45 kms. Trichy International airport is located at a distance of 90 kms from Natham city.