Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shubramanya Swamy Temple, Padavedu

Shubramanya Swamy Temple, Padavedu
Arulmigu Subramania Swamy Temple is located on a hill top, on the southern side of Arulmigu Renugambal Temple. The panoramic view of this temple seen from Renugambal Temple is awe inspiring. 

Three hundred well laid stone steps make the journey to this hill top temple less tedious. 

Legend has it that Lord Subramania was conferred the title "Deva Senapathi" (Commander of Devas) only on this hill top at the request of Goddess Renugambal.

As instructed by his father Lord Siva, Lord Subramania undertook the journey to Veera Mahendra Puri to destroy Surapadman, an Asura dreaded by Devas. A fierce battle took place between Subramania and Surapadman. At last, the lance of Subramania pierced Surapadman who took the form of a tree.  The broken pieces of the tree instantly transformed themselves into mighty peacock and chanticleer. As an act of forgiveness, he took the peacock as his permanent charger and chanticleer on his banner.

Significance of Moolavar Idol
The finely sculpted idol of Moolavar Lord Subramania with his consort’s goddesses Valli and Deivanai standing on a peacock is quite impressive.

Unlike in other places where Lord Subramania is seen seated on his peacock, here the Lord is standing on his peacock. The peacock is also seen not spreading its feathers. It carries a snake in its beaks.  

This idol is unique and the Lord is known for his boon granting.  Devotees used to take Kavadies and perform milk Abishegam during auspicious days in fulfillment of their vows.