Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kailasanathar Temple, Kailasaparai, Padavedu

Kailasanathar Temple, Kailasaparai, Padavedu
This temple is located on a small hill called Kailasaparai on the northern border of Padaiveedu. Presently the temple is in a dilapidated state. Another significance of this temple is that the Lord Siva has a form. Normally Lingams are consecrated in Siva temples. He is seen along with Parvathy Devi and the deities are big and beautiful.

The significance of this temple is that the architecture of the sanctum resembles the back of an elephant (Gaja Prastam). The renovation work is being undertaken by Sri Venugopala Swami Kainkaryam Trust. 

This Temple is located near the Kailasa Vinayagar Temple and is a totally dilapidated temple. There are no daily poojas taking place in this Temple and so this temple is usually not in the visitors list of temples. There are no steps to climb and actually none required since this is a flat rock. Only the sanctum sanctorum in Gajaprashta style remains with big and beautiful idol of Sri Kailasanadhar along with Uma Devi. Sadly, the idols are vandalized and all the four hands of Lord Shiva are broken.

It is very rare to see Lord Shiva in human form and one such temple in such a dilapidated state is really paining. There is a sunai (water stream) at the hillock top. But the location of the temple is awesome. From the hillock top, the entire Padavedu is visible and it is a beautiful sight in the backdrop of Jawadhu hills all around.