Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ammaiappa Eswarar Temple, Padavedu

Ammaiappa Eswarar Temple, Padavedu
It is located 1 KM west of Sri Renugambal Temple. This is a 12th century temple and considered as the oldest among the temples found in and around Padaiveedu and looks very simple. Due to sand storms this temple was buried completely and was excavated later and is in good shape now. This was the family deity of Sambuvarayar kings.

The Amman in this temple is Aparnambigai and the deity is around 5.5 feet high. Right in front of the Amman shrine, there is an underground pit from where they discovered the ancient (Urchava) idols and ornaments.

The place has been properly earmarked with a writing ‘Not a Hundi’ for obvious reason. The excavated Urchava idols can be seen in the Urchava mandapam.

During the reign of Sambuvaraya chieftains, this temple was built in the year 1258 AD by Raja Kambeera Sambuvarayar.  Due to sand storms this temple was almost destroyed. However, the renovation works were undertaken by Sri Venugopala Swami Kainkaryam Trust and Kumbabishegam was held on 29.01.2001.