Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Padavedu

Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Padavedu
This temple is located on the southern side of Yoga Ramachandraswamy temple and also on the hill top which is situated on the other side of the Kamandala River. Due to the river the villages were disconnected and it was TVS who built a bridge and connected the villages. There is a good cement road going to the hilltop till the temple.

The significance of the idol in this temple is that goddess Lakshmi is seated on the right side of Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar. (Normally Goddess Lakshmi used to sit at the left side of the Lord).

The temple is in Ramanatha Puram, Padavedu. This is one of the old temples here. The temple was constructed by King Sambuvarayar. Due to natural disaster the temple was ruined. The temple was reconstructed by devotees in the year 1996 and Kumbabishekam was performed.

This is a small temple with only the main shrine. The Vigraham is swayambu Vigraham which came out of the hillock. The significance of Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar here being that Goddess Lakshmi is seated on the right side of the Lord whereas normally she will be seen on the left side (The Lakshmi Narasimhar temple at Singiri Koil is located nearby). Garudazhwar is located at the front of main sanctum.

The temple is headed by the trust chaired by Venu Srinivasan of TVS group. The priest by name Mukundan Bhattar is managing the poojas in the temple. The temple is open from 07.30 to 11.00 in the morning and 16.30 to 18.30 in the evening.

The temple is also sung by 45th HH of Srimad Azhagiya Singer. Poojas are performed three times a day. The view from the hilltop is breathtaking. The Abishekam for Narasimhar is being done on Sundays.

·        Mukundan Bhattar – 94435 40660
·        Vasudeva Bhattar – 98940 34069