Friday, May 27, 2016

Heavens Ledge, Yercaud

Heavens Ledge, Yercaud
It is located on a cliff overlooking a beautiful valley is a campsite that takes the meaning of 'living on the edge' very seriously. Your camp is situated 15 kms from Yercaud's 'Big Lake' and is surrounded by 300 acres of lush green coffee plantations which provides the perfect setting for your encounter with the wild. Heavens Ledge is the perfect adventure holiday for anyone looking for a unique outdoor experience. They cater to tourists, campers, trekkers, photography groups, fishermen, school groups, corporate groups and the odd adrenalin junkie.

The Stay
Heavens Ledge is the perfect adventure holiday for anyone looking for a unique outdoor experience.  It can accommodate a maximum of 21 guests comfortably in 3 separate tents.

The following Provisions will be made for the entire group during the stay at Heavens Ledge.
·        Tent accommodation
·        Boating along with Fishing, Trekking and Bon fire
·        Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Coffee/Tea with snacks
From Yercaud Big Lake take the Nagalur Road and travel 7 kms to reach Nagalur. Turn right and travel 4.5 kms to reach Semmanatham. At Semmanatham go straight on the loop road for another 4.5 kms. Look for orange bus stop on the left and take a U turn into the mud road. Travel another 1 Km to reach destination.
Note: If stopping on the way and asking local people for directions - please ask for Gowri Estate. 
Other Places of Interest in Yercaud
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