Friday, May 27, 2016

Silk Farm, Yercaud

Silk Farm, Yercaud
An interesting place to be is the silk farm of Yercaud. It is located very near to the Lady's seat. Visiting the silk farm is sure to be a memorable and cognizant experience for youngsters. In the silk farm one can see how the silk worms are reared, how they are fed on mulberry leaves and how the cocoons are used for spinning the silk threads. The life cycle of silk worm and methods of spinning silk can be understood by visiting this place.

Silk farm in Yercaud is about 2km distant from the hill station town. This eye catching place is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. Here, visitors can see the abundantly cultivating mulberry plants on which silk worms are grown comfortably. The nutritious leaves of these plants are the food of these silk threads giving worms. Monsoon season is said to be the breeding period of these creatures. The evergreen marvelous place is located very close to the Lady’s seat viewpoint in Yercaud.

A visit to this spot offers a memorable experience to the tourists. For children this is an interesting learning occasion, since the entire process regarding silk production can be understood from this place. They can also learn the life cycle of silk worms, the method by which they are fed and the way employed to spin the silk threads. Apart from the manufacturing of silk threads, this is an important landscape site from where enchanting natural beauty can be assimilated. The skill of breeding silk worms and the production of silk threads from cocoons are the traditional arts of Yercaud. The silk farmers of this region are capable to perform this task brilliantly.

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