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32-Km Loop Road, Yercaud

32-Km Loop Road, Yercaud
The 32-Km Loop Road is actually a 32 kilometer stretch, which begins from the Yercaud Lake and takes one through the much appreciated roads and agricultural plantations of Yercaud. This is one of the best places to visit in Yercaud, as it offers the taste of culture, the essence of lives, imprints of the heritage and the varied developments of the hill station.

The hill station has retained its heritage for more than a hundred years and thus, one can get the various flavours of bygone era by visiting this Loop Road stretch. The Loop Road will fill your heart with mesmerizing views of the local people, their foods, languages and their way of living.

The 32-Km Loop Road also leads to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak. While travelling through these villages, one can taste varieties of coffee; the inviting aroma of the coffee beans will surely fill your senses. This balmy experience will help you understand how coffee has played a pivotal role in the development of agriculture, economy and tourism in this region as well as in the other parts of the country.

The 32 kms long Loop Road was traced by an Englishman in 1824. It starts and ends at the Lake, covering several tribal villages including Yercaud, Nagalur, Semmanatham, Vellakadi, and Manjakuttai. The route is a bit unknown even with the taxi drivers and it requires local help to trace this route. Take the road to Shervarayan temple but once you reach the Y- intersection, take the left, the right going to Shervarayan temple.

Now this is one single road well tarred till you reach a T-point junction with one road going straight and one to the right and small shops around, take the right and then again it’s a single road to follow till you are back at the Circle.

A drive on the Loop Road is most enjoyable but you feel lost sometimes and scared as it goes on and on with no one to be seen on the road.

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