Monday, May 16, 2016

Kundrapureeswarar Temple, Kunnathur, Tirupur

Kundrapureeswarar Temple, Kunnathur, Tirupur
Kundrapureeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva is located in Kunnathur in Tirupur District of Tamilnadu. The present Shiva temple in Kunnathur is a reconstructed one. There was no epigraph, which might have been destroyed during renovation.

The old name of this Kunnathur was “Kundrathur”, in Kongu Nadu. Kongu nadu was called after name nectar. Kongu nadu was divided in to four parts via North Kongu Nadu, South Kongu Nadu, Mel Kongu Nadu and Keel Kongu Nadu. 

The present Erode district lies in South and North Kongu Nadu. This was divided in to 24 sub sections called as Nadus once again.  Kunnathur is in one of the Sub sect Nadu called “Kuruppu Nadu”, which comes under Perundurai. It was believed that large number of Kurumpu section people lived in this area. The name Kurumpu latter turned to Kuruppu.

As per ASI this temple was built during 14th century with Hoysala’s architecture. But this was completely changed to the present structure ignoring the past. There is no trace of the old structure now. Lord Shiva is called as Sri Kundrapureeswarar.

The temple is facing west. There is no Rajagopuram instead there is an arch. There are Sannadhis for Vinayagar, Navagrahas, Chandran, and Suryan. There is a Vilakku Thoon or Garuda thoon in front of the temple. Kunnathur is on the state high way between Gobichettipalayam to Thiruppur and Erode, Perundurai to Coimbatore.

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