Friday, May 27, 2016

Pagoda Point (Pyramid Point), Yercaud

Pagoda Point (Pyramid Point), Yercaud
Pagoda Point or Pyramid Point is a viewpoint located on the eastern part of Yercaud hills. This has four piles of stones arranged so as to form a pyramid shape. It is said to be built by the local tribes and now there is a Rama temple located between the piles of stones.

The name comes from the hill tribes having made four piles of random stones in a Pagoda or Pyramid formation reportedly to mark some event. Today there is a Rama Temple which lies between these Pagodas. One can get a grand view of Attur and Ayodhyapattanam from this picnic spot. It is located at a distance of 5 kms from Yercaud Town.

It is the best place to snap the panoramic views of Salem city and its surroundings. Another view point; once adorned with stone built pagodas; it is now home to a large temple. Tourists come here at the point to have a view of the beautiful cliffs around, especially in early mornings or evenings.

One can get a thorough view of the town of Salem and a little village called Kakambadi from this hill. The spot also has towering cliffs that would prove to be any rock climber's delight. Around the ridges of the crest, there are four cairns stones resembling temple towers (Pagodas). In the centre of the open space is a shrine dedicated to two anionic stones held sacred by the local Malayalis.

Yercaud is famously known for the 21 hairpin bends that drivers must wrestle while driving to it. The view from Pagoda Point is so panoramic that you can see each one of these bends twisting and meandering through the hills.

Though there is a bus stop nearby, local buses cannot be relied upon. So, you can trek through the estates of coffee and villages to get to Pagoda Point.

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