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Thirumuruganatheeswar Temple, Thirumuruganpoondi - Legends

Thirumuruganatheeswar Temple, Thirumuruganpoondi - Legends
Shiva’s divine play with Sundarar:
Of the 12 Tirumurais of Saivite hymns, the seventh belongs to Sundarar who was a close friend of Lord Shiva in Kailash. His Bhakti relation with Lord Shiva comes under the Saka Marga category. He enjoys the right of even arguing with the Lord. He came to Earth for a different reason. Sundarar, with his poetic excellence, got huge gifts from King Cheraman Perumal Nayanar, also a renowned Shiva devotee occupying a place among the 63 celebrated Nayanmars.
During his journey, as night was nearing, he took rest in front of a Vinayaka temple. He did not think of Lord Shiva. The Lord sent his Boodhaganas (the army of Lord Shiva) in the guise of hunters and got all the valuable gifts robbed from Sundarar. Sundarar prayed to Vinayaka to help him recover the wealth of gifts. Merciful Vinayaka showed him a temple eastward. Sundarar found Shiva and sang such hymns blaming the Lord for not protecting him from the hunters and demanding his immediate action to get back the lost properties.
Lord Shiva, enjoying the hard reading of the song, responded to Sundarar’s demand prayer. Thus, Thirumurganpoondi has become the place where the Lord staged his play (Thiruvilayadal). This episode is celebrated as an important festival called "Vedupari".
Murugan worshipping Shiva to get rid of Brahmahatthi Dosha:
Proud of his prowess gained through his penance to rule all the worlds up and down, demon Surapadma imprisoned all the Devas and harassed them. Lord Muruga determined to destroy him, fought with him, cut him into two pieces and made a cock of one piece for His flag and the other a peacock for his vehicle. However, for the act of killing the demon, Lord Muruga incurred the Brahmmahathi dosha. Lord Muruga came to Kailash and worshipped Shiva for the relief.
For water, he hit the Earth with His Vel and created a spring. He installed a Linga and got relieved of the dosha. The Brahmmahathi that left Muruga is now in form of a square stone under a neem tree, according to scriptural stories. Since Muruga worshipped Siva and got rid of the dosham at this place, the presiding deity of the temple has come to be known as Muruganatheeswarar.
Sages worshipping Shiva:
The great sages such as Agasthya, Markandeya and Dhurvarsa took to severe austerities and worshipped the Lord enshrined here. It is said that Durvasa brought the "Madhavi tree" from heaven and placed it here.
Place for Mental Ailments:
It is believed that worshipping the deity at this Shetram relieves those with mental ailments. Many cases of lunacy were reported to have been cured by the performance of ‘pratakshinam’ (going round the main enclosure) after a dip in the holy tirthams of this temple for a prescribed period (48 days).

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