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Shervaroyan Temple, Yercaud

Shervaroyan Temple, Yercaud
Shervaroyan Temple is situated in a narrow and dark cave at the highest point in Shervaroyan hill at 5,326 ft. above sea level. It is situated at a distance of 7 km from Yercaud boat house. The tribal here celebrate their annual festival every year in the month of May. The temple is a narrow and dark cave having the God Shervaroyan and the Goddess Kaveri inside, which is believed as the Shervaroyan Hills and the Cauvery River. It offers a bird's eye view of the places around.

It is one of the main attractions of tourist visiting Yercaud. It is the highest peak in Yercaud. This spot is the pinnacle of Shevaroy hills and one can see the stunning forest ranges and stupendous valleys below the point. There is a cave inside the temple where the idols of Shervaroyan and Goddess Kaveri resides in the sanctum. It is a common belief among people residing in the area that Lord Shervarayan guards the 67 villages which are present in and around Yercaud. 

This temple is believed to be 2000 years old as per the locals. It is considered very important place of religious significance to the tribal people residing in the hills. A good view of Yercaud town and Nagalur can be obtained from this hill. This splendid temple due to its remote location does not witness a huge number of tourist footfalls. So be the one of the few privileged who has discovered the hidden aura of this wonder. The temple is inside a large rock. One has to bend and get into the temple because of the lack of space.

Servaraya Perumal is the guardian of the Shevaroys, and his temple is no grand monument filled with amazing sculptures. The steep mountain road to the highest point of the Shevaroys makes for a very enjoyable drive. The temple is on a flat hilltop. A modern outer fa├žade leads to the entrance of the cave. Here you have to stoop to enter and bend down for a few feet into the cave. The cave is wider inside and you can stand up straight. This is where you see the idols of Servaraya Perumal and Kaveri Amman on a rocky platform.

The goddess is Kaveri Amman, the goddess of river Kaveri is worshipped at this highest point of the Shevaroy hills. The idols of Servaraya Perumal and Kaveri Amman are small -11/2 feet tall but adorable. Servaraya Perumal holds the conch and discus in his hands while goddess Kaveri holds a lotus flower in her hand. The roof above the deities is moist and drops of water fall at intervals on the idols. This flow of water dries up during the dry summer months.

In the dark recess behind the god and goddess the cave goes on. Visitors are not permitted to go beyond this point. A story is told by the local tribal people that the cave goes all the way to Thalakaveri in the state of Karnataka, which is the origin of the Kaveri River. No one knows for sure, but it is a tale that has been told for generations. Surely there must be a reason why there is a temple for goddess Kaveri at these heights but it is a reason that has been lost to us, lost in the mists of time.

There is a great tree at the entrance, its vast trunk covered with small bags of prayer offerings. There are just a few houses some distance away from the temple. Across the road, there is a wishing well where you throw pebbles and make a wish.

Breathe in the exhilarating, pure, cold mountain air. The vast flat hilltop above the temple is a great place to relax, to have a picnic with your family, or just enjoy the spectacular 360 degrees views and the play of clouds in a sky that is so close that you feel you can almost touch it.

From this high vantage point you get a breathtaking view of the hills that stretch in rows upon overlapping rows into the distance. You can also see bauxite mines on the hills. It is located at a distance of 7 Kms from Yercaud Lake. You can go by car or take a taxi. Alternately you can hire an auto near the boathouse to take you to the temple. The temple is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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