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National Orchidarium & Botanical Garden, Yercaud

National Orchidarium & Botanical Garden, Yercaud
The National Orchidarium and Botanical garden is situated in Yercaud, it is maintained by southern circle of Botanical Survey of India. The National Orchidarium established in the year 1963. The total area of Orchidarium is 18.4 hectares. There are 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs grown in Orchidarium.

Insectivorous pitcher plant is among the interesting plants grown in the Botanical garden. Some of the original forests still exist in the Yercaud hills and contain several endemic species of plants and fauna. Botanical Garden, Green house and National Orchidarium boasts as one of the must visit place in Yercaud.

Hundreds of plants and different varieties of orchid blossoms ablaze our eyes with colorfulness. Kurinji flower that blossoms once in twelve years is found abundant in this spot. Flora freaks must visit this place as it is home to some 30 varieties of endemic orchids.  One must visit this place during summer flower shows as the garden decorated with enchanting flowers, which mesmerize us.

National Orchidarium and experimental garden, run by the botanical survey of India is situated on the way to Shervaroyan temple. It has a greenhouse and a wide variety of orchids which includes 30 orchid species that are exclusive. Many endangered species of orchids are persevered in this Orchidarium. This is ranked the third largest of all the orchidoriums in India.

Kurinji flower, which blooms once in twelve years and vernonia Shervaroyan which is available nowhere else in the world, is found here. The lady's slipper orchid paphiopedilum druryi is endangered, but it is grown here. Visitors can also see nepenthes khasiana, a pitcher plant that eat insects. The soil in Yercaud ensures comfortable growth of these two varieties of Orchids.

The Green house is a superbly maintained scientific greenery cultivating area in the botanical garden. It is a must visit place for all nature lovers as one can come across the most beautiful, colorful and rare variety of plants. The Botanical Garden is differentiated with respect to the plant species growing there. Thus there are sectors such as foliage garden, topiary garden, bonsai garden, butterfly garden, herbal garden, rock garden, water garden and sensory garden.

Abundant orange trees are also seen here which render an exotic colorful views to the region. The garden will be closing during weekend days. It is located at a distance of 2.5 kms from Yercaud Bus Stand and 3 kms from Yercaud Lake. The Botanical garden is situated in Lady's Seat road in Yercaud. 

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