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Dhandayuthapani Temple, Kumaragiri, Salem

Dhandayuthapani Temple, Kumaragiri, Salem
The temple is located on a hill top and is dedicated to Lord Muruga. One needs to climb more than 700 steps to reach Kumaragiri hill top. Poojas are done as per Karana and Kameeka agamas. Arunagirinathar had praised this temple in his Thirupugazh Hymns.

Protesting against the decision of Lord Shiva on the Mango issue favoring Lord Ganapathi, Lord Muruga left his parents and settled in Palani. On his way to Palani, He relaxed at this place with his peacock vahanam.  Later, a devotee on his way to Palani also relaxed here when a voice said “I am here as Dhandayuthapani”. The devotee did not understand the voice and proceeded to Palani. 

Lord Muruga came to him as a devotee, gave a begging bowl to this devotee and asked him to build a temple at this place. With the money collected through the bowl, he built this temple here. As Lord Muruga was angry on the Mango issue, this fruit is offered as Nivedhana to Lord here. 

It is also believed that the grace of Muruga had made Salem famous for mango production. Devotees praise Lord as Mambazha Murugan (Mango – Mambazham in Tamil).
Greatness of Temple
Trisadha archana is performed in the temple for those injured in accidents and in emergency conditions.  This archana is performed with Arichi flowers mixed in rosewater and sandal for their speedy recovery.  Also, people pray to Lord before undertaking a journey to avoid any accident.  Majority of the devotees are vehicle owners here.

People pray to Lord Dhandayuthapani facing north belonging to Kubera the Lord of wealth for prosperity and perform Padi puja – pujas to the steps leading the sanctum of the hill temple for longevity.

The Temple
The temple is located on a hill top and is dedicated to Lord Muruga. Arunagirinathar sang Thirupugazh on this Murugan. The temple was established by Saint Karupanna Swamy, when Murugar appeared before him and asked him to build the temple where his feet can be found on top of this mountain.

The first Kumbabishekam was done in 1914. There are about 700+ steps to climb the hills and there is a newly built Motorable road also. Muruga is in the form of Bala Dhandayuthapani (Dandam in hand) graces in the temple with a Danda facing north the direction of prosperity (direction belonging to Kubera the God of Wealth). Deities of Valli and Devasena are only as Utsavar along with Muruga as Shanmugar.

The Place, Kumaragiri is named after Kumaran, the other name of Muruga. Pure rice and mango fruits are offered as nivedhana to Lord Dhandayuthapani. The environment is very calm and is quite suitable for meditation. 

There are shrines for Mother Durga, Navagrahas the nine planets and Lord Ayyappan in the prakaram. Thala Virutcham is Pon Arali. Theertham of this Temple is Kumara theertham. Urchavar is Shanmugar.

Kumaragiri Lake 
This lake is called Kumaragiri lake because it is in the foothills of "Kumaragiri" hill. This lake has very old history associated with saint "Shri la Shri Karupanna Swamigal”, who constructed the temple for lord "Muruga" on Kumaragiri hill.

The 39.25 acre lake, which once served as a major drinking water source for the city residents, has turned into a storage canal for untreated effluents, sewage and dump yard for plastic materials resulting in a breeding place for mosquitoes and posing a health hazard to the citizens.

Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Skanda Sashti in October-November; Thai Poosam in January-February; Panguni Uthiram in March-April are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
Devotees pray to Lord Dhandayuthapani with mango fruit nivedhana for wedding and child boons. People carry milk pots, offer cocks and tonsure as prayer commitments.
Sri Dhandayuthapani Temple,
Kumaragiri, Salem
Phone: +91- 427 - 240 064.
Kumaragiri is 6 km far from Salem. Buses from Salem Old bus stand to Sanyasigundu pass through this place. Autos are available from Ammapettai also. Temple steps are very steep and it will take 20 min – 30 min to temple from adivaram. Nearest Railway Station is located at Salem. Nearest Airport is located at Coimbatore & Trichy.