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Devi Karumariyamman Temple, Thiruvadisoolam, Kanchipuram

Devi Karumariyamman Temple, Thiruvadisoolam, Kanchipuram
Devi Karumariyamman Temple is dedicated to Karumariyamman located at Thiruvadisoolam Village in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. This is new temple under construction with 51 feet high Devi Karumariyamman Statue. This Temple is located in Thiruvadisoolam, Chennai suburb. The daily worship of the Devi is now being held in Balalayam which is a small adjacent temple.

Thiruvadisoolam is around 5 km from Chengalpattu bus terminus on the Thiruporur-Chengalpattu road. Private and government buses ply on this road between Thiruporur and Chengalpattu. The temple is reached by going 1 km further from the Shivan temple.
The Temple
The Karumariyamman Temple is dedicated to Divine Mother Shakthi as Karumariyamman. The temple is under Construction. The image of Devi Karumariyamman is huge statue 51 feet high and depicts the Devi in Viswaroopa form. Sri Devi Karumari Amman Statue - about 300 Tons monolithic stone of 31 feet high on a 20 feet pedestal.

The Amman is unique in nature in sitting posture with ten hands of which two are in abhaya and Vara Hastham. The Amman is made of single monolithic granite stone brought from a village Siruthamur, Pattakonavadai Village in semi-finished condition weighing nearly 800 tons through a 100 wheel trailer. It was a toughest journey to bring through the forest mud road.  

The Amman was erected in open to sky at present and super structure with kodi lingam will be build latter. The Temple is being constructed by Sri Thambu Swamy’s 6th generation great great grandson, Sri Madurai Muthu Swamigal MA., BL. Sri Thambu Swamigal is the person who constructed the Thiruverkadu Sri Karumari Amman Temple. It was learnt that Amman came in his dream and explained him where and how the temple to be constructed for her. 

The Amman temple is under Balayam and poojas are conducted regularly in a separate place and Soolam. Every day Annadhanam is being served to the visiting devotees between 12.00 Hrs to 13.30 Hrs and Pournami pooja is conducted elaborately up to 21.00 Hrs with Unchal Seva.

Proposed Temple Structure:
·        Karpagraham: Breadth: 95 feet, Length 64 feet
·        Vimanam: 197 feet
·        Artha Mandapam: 32 feet
·        Andhralyam: 64 feet
·        Maha Mandapam: 197 feet
·        Raja Gopuram: 217 feet
Temple Opening Time
The temple will be open from 7.30 am -11.30 am and 5 pm- 7.30 pm.
This temple is located in a place called 'Thirvadisoolam'. It is present in Chengalpattu - Thiruporur road. It is around 7kms from Chengalpattu and you have lot of buses from Chengalpattu coming to this place. After getting down in Thirvadisoolam bus stop, you have to walk around 2kms to reach the temple. There is lot of sign boards which shows the way to the temple. There is no auto available in Thirvadisoolam. If you can’t walk for 2kms, it is better to take an auto/cab from Chengalpattu itself.