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Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Pazhaya Seevaram – Festivals

Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Pazhaya Seevaram – Festivals
Lots of Utsavams are performed in this sthalam. Brahmotsavam in Aani month, Pavitrotsavam in Aavani, Narasimha Jayanthi, Theerthavari in Swathi and Parivettai during Thai month are said to be some of the Utsavams that are performed in a great manner.
Pazhaiya Seevaram Parivettai:
Apart from its holiness due to the confluence of the three rivers, the hill temple is visited by Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram on the day following Sankaranthi, for what is known as ``Pazhaiya Seevaram Parivettai''. Parivettai is observed to mark the destruction of evil forces by the Lord and is celebrated in almost all Vishnu temples.
It is said the present Moolavar idol of Lord Varadaraja at Kanchipuram was sculpted out of a rock here after the original wooden idol of Atthi Varadar got damaged hundreds of years ago. It is said to mark this, Lord Varadaraja is taken to Pazhaiya Seevaram on the day following Sankaranthi every year, when thousands of devotees gather here for Vana Bhojanam and aradhana.
Lord Varadaraja, who leaves his abode at 10 p.m. on Sankaranthi day, accompanied by devotees including those reciting Azhwars' Paasurams and Vedas, is carried all the way to a distance of 15 km and goes around Pazhaiya Seevaram village at the foot of the hillock. He reaches the Narasimha temple, which is in the middle of the hillock, at noon and then he is taken to the Varadaraja Mandapam atop the hill, by climbing the 140 steps.
He stays in the mandapam there till 4 p.m. when Thirumanjanam (sacred bath) and Aradhana are performed. Later the Lord reaches the Narasimha Temple and both the Gods are taken to a temple at Thiru Mukkoodal, on the other side of Palar where a temple for Lord Srinivasa, known as Appan, exists.
There the three Gods, along with the Lords of two other temples, give darshan. Later Lord Varadaraja returns to Pazhaiya Seevaram along with Narasimhar and then starts his trek back to Kanchipuram late in the night and reaches there next morning.