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Ponsei Natrunaiyappar Temple, Thirunanipalli – The Temple

Ponsei Natrunaiyappar Temple, Thirunanipalli – The Temple
The sanctum sanctorum is very big in size that facilitated an elephant to worship Lord directly inside. There are two Ambicas in the temples, Mother Parvatharaja Puthri and Mother Malayan Madanthai. Lord Shiva granted his wedding darshan to Lord Vinayaka and Sage Agasthya. Mother is on the right of the Lord Kalyanasundarar graces with Mother Ambica from another shrine in the temple.

Cauvery, though flows eastward turns here westward. This is called Basvamangini. Vinayaka had to incur a dosha as he toppled the Kamandala – hand bowl of Sage Agasthya. For relief, he bathed in a tank here. The place came to be known as Pon Sei which later changed as Punjai. While Mother Durga appears in Shiva temples standing on the head of a buffalo, she graces here with a deer and a lion destroying the demons Sumba and Nisumba.

The temple is famous for its architecture. The principal idol of Nataraja is made of bronze and was carved in about 1000 AD. The sanctum sanctorum and the mandapas speak volumes of the aesthetic sense and architectural skill of ancient sculptors of Tamilnadu. The entire beauty of the temple lies in the Nanipalli Kodi Vattam with a huge Lord Dakshinamurthy, Lords Subramanya, Brahmma, Lingodhbava and Chandikeswara with his consort.

The temple was built by the ancestor of Raja Raja Chozha, King Paranthaka Chozha. Main Deity is known as Swarnapureeswarar, Natrunaiyappar with Ambal Malaimaan Madanthai, Swarnambikai. Theertham is Soornatheertham. Panchamoorthigal sudhai Sirpam is located at the entrance of gopuram. Ambal is facing west.

On the base of the Karuvarai Pudai sirpangal of Ramayana happenings can be seen. Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthy. The rays of Sun fall on the Lord from Chithirai 7 to 13 when special pujas are performed.

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