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Alamparai Fort, Edaikazhinadu, Chengalpattu

Alamparai Fort, Edaikazhinadu, Chengalpattu

Alamparai Fort is a Mughal era fort complex located in Alamparai near Edaikazhinadu Town in Cheyyur Taluk in Chengalpattu District of Tamil Nadu. The fort complex is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal. This fort is under the control Archaeological Survey of India.


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The Fort Complex

The fort complex covers an area of about 15 acres. The fort is square in plan with towers at four corners. The fort is built of bricks and limestone. Ruins of tall walls of the fort and brick steps leading to the top can be seen in the fort complex. There is a mausoleum at the centre of the fort. The watch tower from the fort provides good view of the surroundings. The fort once had a 100-metre long dockyard stretching into the sea. The fort housed the mint of the Arcot Nawabs. Alamparai Kasu & Varahan (Coins) were minted at the Alamparai Mint.

As per the inscription available, Pottipattan, chief goldsmith of  Alamparai mint, renovated the Kasi Viswanathar Temple, excavated a big pond and constructed a choultry on the highway on the ancient highway (Kashi Pathai) for the benefit of the pilgrims who travelled on the east coast from Kasi to Rameswaram and vice versa. This highway currently lies at about 2 miles on the western side of Alamparai Fort. Local fishermen assist tourists in a boating experience around the fort.


The fort is located at about 4 Kms from Kadapakkam Bus Stop, 14 Kms from Cheyyur, 20 Kms from Marakkanam, 39 Kms from Melmaruvathur, 41 Kms from Melmaruvathur Railway Station, 48 Kms from Tindivanam, 49 Kms from Puducherry, 55 Kms from Mamallapuram, 66 Kms from Chengalpattu, 105 Kms from Chennai Airport and 111 Kms from Chennai. Edaikazhinadu is situated on ECR road connecting Chennai and Puducherry. Buses connecting Chennai and Puducherry on ECR stops at Kadapakkam Bus Stop. Autos can be hired from this Bus Stop to reach this fort.