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Vanamutti Perumal Temple, Kozhikuthi, Mayiladuthurai – The Temple

Vanamutti Perumal Temple, Kozhikuthi, Mayiladuthurai – The Temple
This temple, over 800 years old, is unique in that the presiding deity is 18 feet high and is carved out of single Athi (Fig) tree in a uniquely tainted Ajantha coloration. The history says the temple had seven prakarams but currently only one remains. Presiding Deity is called as Vanamutti Perumal / Srinivasa Perumal. As the posture is tall, He is named Van-Sky, Mutti-Hitting, and Perumal – Van Mutti Perumal.  Thayar is known as Daya Lakshmi. Perumal is seen here with Thulasi Mala and Sri Lakshmi Devi to his chest along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi Thayar also. Srinivasa perumal is seen with Shanku, Chakra, Gadha and Abhaya Hastham. No abishek is performed on Perumal as the idol is of wood, only Thaila Kappu is done.

The holy stone carvings at this temple also reveals that for fifty one weeks and on every Saturday for 11 Brahmins, the temple management was authorized and empowered to distribute holy oil for head bath and food items. All these indicate this temple as a Sani Parikara Sthalam. The Sani Gayathri released by Pippalar Maharishi is significantly respected for any defects/deficiencies due to the planet Saturn in the horoscopes. Sri Yoga Narasimhar here is considered powerful in that worshipping him during Pradosham is sure to cure of any Angaraha Dosham.

Sri Bhaktha Anjaneyar with his tail curled to head and a bell is hanging at the tip of the tail. He is also known as Sapthaswara Anjaneyar, since tapping any part of his holy body would give a unique musical note. The other deities here are Sri Ramanujar, Sri Nardhana Krishna and Sri Viswaksenar. Theertham is Viswa Pushkarini. There are seven wells which indicate the seven holy rivers. It is said that the Pushkarini was created by the Lord Himself. There is also a cave path (சுரங்க பாதை). The temple tank is located at the right side of the temple, which is considered very significant.

A holy dip in this temple tank is considered a greatest cure for all diseases since the temple history itself reveals that the Lord has cured Pippalar Maharishi of his severe disease by asking him to start on a pilgrimage visiting all temples en route the river Cauvery till finally the Lord would give His darshan to him at this Kshetra. The roof of main sanctum is in the shape of an umbrella, which is known as Chattra Vimanam. Worshipping Kozhikuthi Van Mutti Perumal, the devotee is blessed with the triple benefit of the darshan of Lord Srinivas in Tirupati, Lord Athi Varadaraja in Kancheepuram and Lord Yoga Narasimha in Sholingur. 

There are shrines for Garuda Bhagwan, Acharya Sri Ramanuja, and Sri Vishwaksenar blessing the devotees. There is a statue of Sage Pippala Maharshi in the Moovalur Marga Sahayeswarar Temple nearby. There are three separate inscriptions inside the temple. One of the inscriptions refers to the process of liberation from Sani Dosham if a devotee presents Anna Dhanam to 10Brahmins on 51 Saturdays. The process details having a head bath, presenting Nallennai in a bronze vessel with four vegetables and one green (Keerai) vegetable. The history says the temple had seven prakarams but currently it has only one.

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