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Vadaranyeswarar Temple, Thiruvalangadu, Thiruvallur

Vadaranyeswarar Temple, Thiruvalangadu, Thiruvallur
Vadaranyeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Thiruvalangadu in Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. The Temple is believed to be built by the Cholas during the 12th century, but there are inscriptional evidence pointing to 5th century. It is said before going to this temple we need to have darshan of Kali temple which is behind. Presiding Deity is called as Vadaranyeswarar / Alavana Nathar / Aalankatteesar / Oorthuvadandaveswarar / Devarsingaperuman.

Mother is called as Vandar Kuzhali Amman / Brahmarambal / Alavana Nayaki. The Temple is considered as one of the Pancha Sabha (5 majestic cosmic dance halls) of Lord Shiva, known as "Ratna Sabai". The other 4 "Sabhas" are Chidambaram- Kanaka SabhaiMeenakshi Amman Temple (Madurai - Rajatha Sabhai)Tirukkutralam- Chitra Sabha and Chepparai Temple (Tirunelveli - Tamira Sabhai).

This is one of the 276 Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalams and 15th Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. This is one of the 44 Paadal Petra Sthalams where all the “Moovars” have rendered their pathigams. Karaikkal Ammaiyar also rendered her “Mootha Thirupathigam” about Lord Shiva here. Saint Arunagirinathar has also sang in praise of Lord Murugan of this temple in his revered Thirupugazh.

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It is believed that originally this temple was constructed by the Chola and Pallava dynasties. This is a very ancient temple. The stone inscriptions available in this temple are from the periods of King Parantaka Chola-I to the last king of Vijayanagara. Earlier this village was called Pazhayanur and the place where this temple was located was called Alangadu.  In the Devara Hymns, this place is mentioned as “Pazhayanur Alangadu”.

It is inferred from the inscriptions that an earlier Pallava temple was reconstructed and renovated during the Chola rule, and during the latter Chola period beginning with the reign of Kulottunga Chola I, the temple campus was enlarged (1075 - 1120). One of the bronze images of Nataraja unearthed here, now adorns the Art Gallery of the Chennai Government museum. 

The Thiruvalangadu copper plates excavated and in possession of the ASI talk of grants of Panaiyur village nearby by Rajendra Chola I. There are inscriptions here which speak of grants given by Rajendra Cholan for the upkeep of the temple. Inscriptions here date all the way back to the 5th century. The towers and the walls surrounding the temple courtyards date back to the 12th and the 13th centuries. 

The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
The temple is kept open from morning 06.00 AM tonight 09.00 PM without break and the Pooja timings are 07.30 AM, 11.00 AM, 4.30 PM & 7.30 PM. People used stay in mandapams even after pooja hours.
Shivarathri (during Makara) and Margazhi Thiruvadirai (during Dhanur) festivals are celebrated in a grand manner in this temple. Almost all other festivals pertaining to Lord Shiva are observed in this temple.
Religious Significance
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Literary Mention
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This temple is considered to be a place where one can attain salvation. This is a parihara sthalam for Bharani Nakshathra (star). Those who are born during the period of Bharani Nakshathra can perform special poojas here. This is an important place for Mantheeswarar pariharam and poojas can be performed on Saturdays. Mantheeswarar pariharam is performed for removal of obstacles in marriage proposals, to help married couples get the blessing of child birth and to seek relief from debts. Since Mantheeswarar is the son of Lord Sani (Saturn), poojas related to Sani Doshams can also be performed here. Also, those aspiring for mastery in the art of dance can pray to Lord Vadaranyeswarar here and seek his blessings. Devotees perform abishek and pujas to Lord Shiva on Tiruvadhirai festival day.
Vadaranyeswarar Temple,
Thiruvalangadu Post,
Thiruthani Taluk,
Tiruvallur District – 631 210
Phone: +91 44 2787 2074
Mobile: +91 99522 30906 / 99407 36579
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