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Kabilar Kundru, Thirukkoilur, Villupuram

Kabilar Kundru, Thirukkoilur, Villupuram
Kabilar Kundru or Kabilar rock is a hill rock in the middle of the Ponnaiyar River near Thirukkoilur in Villupuram districtTamil Nadu, India. It is known for Tamil poet Kabilar did Vadakirrutal (fast unto death) here, after his friend Vel Pari killed in a battle. It is one of the protected monuments in Tamil Nadu by the Archaeological Survey of India.

East of the Thirukkoilur has the Sivan Temple situated on the banks of River Pennar. Near to the temple on the banks of the river, there exists Kabilar (Saint) Kundru (tiny hill).
Thirukkoilur is one of the "Ashta Veeratanams" [Ashta - eight Veeratanam - Place of Bravery].

Lord Shiva took various forms (incarnations) to destroy evil and establish justice, of which eight Avatars (forms) are very famous and Thirukkoilur is one of them.
Life History of Kabilar
Kabilar was a Tamil Sangam poet. He was a contemporary of Karikala Chola, Irungovel and Vel Pari. He was the close friend and confidant of Vel Pari, one of the Velir kings. He was born in Thiruvadhavur in the Pandyan Kingdom. Initially a poet at the Pandyan court, he would leave at an early age and show his talent at various places before finally ending up at the court of Vel Pari.
Kabilar would hear about the generosity and virtue of Vel Pari, a powerful Velir King who ruled over Parambu nadu, which is heavily fortified kingdom that comprised about 300 villages, and pay him a visit. They would go on to become the thickest of friends. He would be his confidant and stay with Vel Pari until the latter's last breath.
During this period the three crowned Tamil kings were in the process of expanding their empires and turned the independent Velir chiefs into sub-ordinates or eliminated them. When the three crowned Kings besiege the kingdom of Parambu, Vel Pari a warrior like no other will refuse to bow and face them head on.
Kabilar would sing some of the most notable poems in praise of his patron during this time. In the end, Vel Pari would finally be killed by treachery after defying them for years.

Kabilar, a true friend, would then take the two daughters (Angavai & Sangavai) of Vel Pari and go in search of appropriate grooms. He would knock on the doors of the other Velir kings and unsuccessfully plead with each before finally giving up. He would be let down each time as the other Velirs would fear retribution from the 3 crowned kings. The most notable of these encounters is when he sings to Irungovel and convince him to make his sons to marry Vel Paari daughters.
The death of his friend will affect him so greatly that he would perform Vadakirrutal, one of the Tamil acts of committing suicide. He would sit facing north and starve himself to death. The place where Kabilar committed suicide by starving is now called as Kabilar Kundru.

It is one of the protected monuments in Tamil Nadu by the Archeological Survey of India.