Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meenakshi Amman Temple – Paintings

Meenakshi Amman Temple – Paintings 
The drawings depicting incidents of the Thiruvilayadal or miraculous dramas of Lord Shiva belong to the Naicker period. There are paintings depicting the 64 miracles of Lord Shiva, all which were enacted in Madurai. These aesthetic drawings can be seen on the northern wall facing the Porthamarai Kulam (tank of the golden lotus). These drawings are at present being given a facelift by using natural dyes at a cost of Rs 26.25 lakhs.
Many paintings which have been damaged due to neglect are now being kept in the museum in the 1000 pillar hall or mandapam of the temple.
Thiruezhukootrikkai Drawings: Drawing explaining the meaning of the songs sung by Nakkeerar has been drawn in the shape of a chariot in the Petchiakkal mandapam.
Panchakkasabhai Drawings: Drawings showing the five sabhas or Panchaga sabhas of Tamil Nadu can be seen opposite to the Velliaymbala Nadarajar Sannithi. The art belongs to Rani Mangammal period. These drawings can be seen on the roof of the Palaya unjal mandapam (old swing hall) in the eastern side of the unjal mandapam. These drawings depict Queen Mangammal and her court watching the Meenakshi Thirukkalyanam or celestial wedding. The drawings of the six abodes of Lord Muruga can be seen at the entrance of the new glass unjal mandapam. The drawings of the Meenakshi Thirukkalyanam and Pattabishekam in the entrance of the Amman Sannithi have also been touched.

Diagrammatic representation of heaven and earth: There are drawings depicting earth and heaven on both sides of the wedding stage in the old Kalyana mandapam. The Kalyana mandapam also has drawings of 64 Thiruvilayadal and other celestial incidents.