Thursday, December 31, 2015

Adhinathar Temple, Kallakulathur, Villupuram

Adhinathar Temple, Kallakulathur, Villupuram
Kallakulathur is a small village 16 kms from Tindivanam in Villupuram district. 600 years ago few Jain families were migrated to that village, after that they built a Jain temple after 300 years of stay in that place.

Lord Adhinathar embraces the sanctum, next to it stone idols of Thirthankar, 24 Thirthankars cluster, Navadevada and old top portion of manastham (fallen by lightning) were arranged on a platform. In addition few alloy idols of Thirthankars, Yakshas, and Yakshis were seated.

No crowned entrance of fortified corridor is seen here. At the beginning Shri Padmavathi matha shrine, lastly Navagraha statues stand are located and a huge dais were built beautifully.

Daily pooja, Special Jain pooja and rituals; Navarathri festival, Margazhi month mukkudai series of light festival, Akshaya tirthiyai and Kanum Pongal day festival are celebrated regularly.

A special pooja and rituals were conducted for the footprints of Munivar Paramajinadevar which is located nearby to the temple.