Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anandhamangalam, Villupuram

Anandhamangalam, Villupuram
Anandhamangalam, a rock temple Jain heritage, is situated 15 Kms from Tindivanam towards Orathi road (near Vairapuram village). A hillock clustered by rock has Jain bas-reliefs which belong to 9-10th Century AD. After reaching a moderate height (with strains because no step cuttings) a big boulder has group of carvings facing east and Shri Parswanath Jinar relief toward north. One rock inscription also itched on the way to rise.

The inscriptions belong to King Paranthaka Cholan period (i.e 942 AD). It indicates that some gold coins were donated to Vardhamana Periyadigal, the disciple of Shri Vinayapasura kuravadigal, the chief ascetic of Jinagiri Palli (Jain hillock school) for the purpose of meals-feeding to a devotee daily. 

The east facing reliefs cluster exhibits Shri Dharmadevi with essential ornamental work, standing on a lion, a maid, two girl children, two whisks on either side and a arecanut tree on the back of overhead. Next is Shri Anandhanatha Jinar sitting on a throne in the meditative posture, Praba circle, and Mukkudai canopy and whisk maids itched deeply. Subsequently Shri Neminathar Jinar standing on a lotus, praba circle tri-umbrella canopy carvings. Last one is bravely indicates Shri Parshwa Jinar with five headed snake canopy which crawling end at the foot of the Lord, standing on a lotus podium.

The north facing relief Shri Parshwanathar also having five headed snake dilated canopy, which end to the feet of the Lord on a lotus podium. Also Shri Dharanendiran standing on right and Shri Padmavathi Devi bowed posture to the Lord.

Both reliefs are not severely corroded but it should be preserved for the future generation. Otherwise nearby quarry lessee may destroy the identities. Frequent visit to the treasure might prevent the havoc.

Tindivanam → Chennai road → Bye pass turn → Orathi road → Anandhamangalam = 15 kms.
Gingee → (Vandavasi road)-Bye pass turn → Orathi road → Anandhamangalam = 53 kms.
Vandavasi → Tindivanam road → Kodiyam turn → Vairapuram → Anandhamangalam = 38 kms.
Thiruvannamalai → Gingee → (Vandavasi road)-Bye pass turn → Orathi road → Anandhamangalam = 76 kms.
Chennai → (Before Tindivanam) Thozhipedu right turn → Orathi road → Tindivanam-Orathi road → Anandhamangalam = 143 kms.