Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shri Chandraparabanathar Jain Temple, Eyyil, Villupuram

Shri Chandraparabanathar Jain Temple, Eyyil, Villupuram
Eyyil village is situated about 24 kms north-west of Gingee town. The Jinalaya of aged 200 years is dedicated to Shri Chandraprabha Nathar by the native Jains living since several centuries there. The antique traces were hidden by the frequent renovations work. But the round shaped pillar of remnants in the yard belongs to Vijayanagara dynasty Period.

The Garbhagriha has Shri Chandraprabu Jinar granite plate carving on the plinth. It is crowned by one stage Vimanam, shikhara and kalasham. Four cement mortar Thirthankar statues are exhibited in sitting posture at first stage and standing posture in the Griva portion with whisky maids. In the middle of the Ardhamandapam daily pooja metal idols are arranged.

On either side of the mandapam stone made 24 Thirthankar and Navadevada and metal molded 24 Thirthankars cluster, Sruthaskandam, Navadevada, few Thirthankars, Yaksha, Yakshis are also placed in order. Apart from that Shri Brahmadevar and Shri Kooshmandini statues are established.

Opening of ardhamandapam, a Mahamandapam and attached Muhamandapam were built. East facing enter-gate is attached with enclosed compound wall. A broad and open corridor provides more space for festival celebrations of the Jinalaya.

All poojas and rituals and festivals are celebrated recurrently, like other Jain temples.