Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shri Parswanathar Rock Cut Temple, Atchipakkam, Villupuram

Shri Parswanathar Rock Cut Temple, Atchipakkam, Villupuram
Atchipakkam is a hamlet, 23 kms from Tindivanam in the northeast direction. In the village a monolith rock sculpture was engraved on a hill in the 9th century of Chola period. During the period, it proves many Jains were lived near but no Jains were there now.

The hill lies on the back of a School. Shri Parswanathar, standing posture of 5 feet, with five headed snake backed from top to bottom of the sculpture. On right bottom Shri Dharanendhar, Yaksha in a worshiping posture, left bottom Shri Padmavathi matha hold a long stick umbrella. Right top Kamatan, eight handed figure try to hit with a huge rock on his four hands, two had some weapons, remaining two in threatening posture, shows his enmity on Shri Parswanath.

On the left top King of Devas on a flying vimanam shows his surprise on his face. Total cluster of the sculpture convey the patience and tolerance of Shri Parshwa Jinar. This reveals the Ahimsa consciousness to us. Two rifts are formed on the sculpture of Shri Parswanathar, due to difference of temperature on the rock.

The nearby Peravur Jain families and others were taken a step to build a structure to enclose the sculptures. It was safely locked. Every year on Pongal day, these people conducting a special pooja to the Lord.

Frequent visit to the place by the south Indian Jains shall preserve the treasure.