Thursday, December 31, 2015

Shri Arugar Cavern Temple, Thiyagadurgam, Villupuram

Shri Arugar Cavern Temple, Thiyagadurgam, Villupuram  
Thiyagadurgam is a panchayat town near to Kallakurichi and 23 Kms from Ulundurpet in Villupuram district. At the centre of the town a small range of mountain called as Thiyadurgam range. Moreover it is in small range but it has more rocks.  At the moderate height and beneath of a huge rock a natural cavern with canopied by another rock.

Before 7th Century AD Jain saints had been living there.  In the 9th Century AD a Thirthankar idol and Shri Kooshmandini idol were installed by the living Jains during the period. Now no Jains are there. But the Hindus in the town are worshipping the idols without making any changes on its original carvings.

Daily poojas and offerings are made with help of Hindu priest (Mr.Saminatha kurukkal). Broad and paved footsteps with hand walls are constructed to reach the cavern temple with the donations offered by the local devotees. They called as Mamalai Amman temple, which has two shrines on the way to reach, one is Shri Vinayagar and Shri Ayyappan is another.

The no lanchan Jinar statue was carved on a stretched triangular shape granite stone. It got singathana at the bottom with lotus podium, two whisks deep-drawings, Prabha with burns and tri-umbrella above the head. The design belongs to 6-7th century AD fashion because no ornamental designs on it.

Another Shri Kooshmandini having three bends on its standing posture. A simple crown, ear studs, close neck ornament, bangles and thandai were carved. It also influences the same period design. Apart from two girl children, one servant maid and arecanut tree on the back witnessed as Shri Dharmadevi. Additionally a male figure with food vessel also engraved on it. So they are calling as Annapoorani matha. (The male figure carving is missing afterwards.)
Inside the cavern glazed tiles are paved on the walls and floorings. It secured tightly by tow iron grill gates. Either side of the entry two demi-goddess statues is exhibited in standing posture. Regular poojas are conducted with help of the devotees in the surroundings.
Every Jains must visit the place for worshipping the legend Jain idols without alterations.
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