Saturday, December 19, 2015

Silent Valley National Park - Zonation

Silent Valley National Park - Zonation
Core Zone
The core zone consist of Sairandhri, Poochippara, Neelikkal and Walakkad Sections excluding an area of 5 Ha from Sairandhri Section along the road from entry gate to Kunthipuzha which is added to the Tourism Zone. Total extent of core having National Park status is thus 89.47 Km2. 
Buffer Zone

Buffer zone consist of areas of Anavai Forest Station and Thudukki Forest Station of Bhavani Range and buffer areas of Silent Valley Range lying in Neelikkal, Poochippara and Walakkad Sections and the 5 ha area (TOURISM ZONE) excluded from core of Sairandhri Section of Silent Valley National Park. Total extents of the buffer zone include the high value biodiversity conservation areas, which are proposed to be declared as core zone in the future.