Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kizhedayalam, Villupuram

Kizhedayalam, Villupuram
There is a Jinalaya at Kizhedayalam, which was built in 15th century and got support from the king, during the period. At the beginning, the sanctum of Shri Adhinathar and ardhamandapam was built then the mahamandapam and a pierced manastham, gopuram and Shri Brahmadevar shrine were structured. The antiquity of the temple evidences were destroyed at the time of renovations took place.  

Shri Adhinathar resides in sanctum, in ardhamandapam Shri Kooshmandini statue, 24 Thirthankar stone figures and alloy Thirthankars, Jinavani, Shri Brahmadevar with goddess Poorna & Pushkala Devis, etc. were stored.
In the northeast of corridor, a mandapam and three Munivars rooms were constructed. In 16th century Shri Mallisenar, Shri Vamanacharior, Shri Vimalajinadevar was living in this room.

Daily pooja, Nandeeswara deep pooja were conducted regularly. On Pongal day and Audi month special aaradhana was conducted.

Old palm leafs of inscriptions, Jain literatures and philosophy, were preserved in the temple. Few years back they deposit these at Mudibidri, Karnataka Jinalaya as Sidhandham. For remembrance of that incident on Yuhathi day, a Siddhanta feast was arranged and serves every year to the devotees.

Near to the temple adjacent to the lake, inscriptions in Sanskrit and figures of four footsteps, Kamandalam, Book stand were engraved. It contains praising words of Shri Mallisenar and Shri Vamanacharior. Another inscription conveys the news of Shri Vimalajinadevar footsteps and bookstand.