Sunday, December 27, 2015

Meenakshi Amman Temple – Museum

Meenakshi Amman Temple – Museum 
The temple also houses a museum, which has a collection of antique items. It has antique coins from different periods, rare paintings and also a collection of metal idols. These idols were made from an alloy of 5 different metals which produced unique malleable and ductile properties. It also has other unique items such elephant tusk carvings, etc. 
Since 1966, the thousand pillars hall is also doubling as the museum of the temple. Among those items of artistic elegance and cultural excellence are:
·    Paintings explaining the quintessence of the ancient arts of architecture, sculpture, painting, music, dance and other forms of aesthetic importance.
·        Antique panchaloka (five metals) idols
·        Collection of rare photographs
·        Rare antique items
·        Articles of Saiva and Vaishnava religions
·        Antique coins
·        Carvings in tusks and antique items
·        Paintings from the Nayaka period depicting the 64 miracles performed by Lord Chokkanathar
·   This mandapam is now being renovated and modernized using latest techniques.
·    The saying that one needs thousand eyes to view the hall of thousand pillars is not without truth.

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