Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lord Adhinathar Temple, Veedur, Villupuram

Lord Adhinathar Temple, Veedur, Villupuram
An ancient temple situated (3 kms) near Veedur dam which is adjacent to Tindivanam – Villupuram Highways. Though it was built in the tenth century there are no inscription stones or other evidences found because of frequent renovation process takes place. It looks like traditional Dravidian style Jain temples comprises of Entry tower, Manasthampam, Altar, Maha mandapam, Artha mandapam and sanctum and sanctorum. It looks beautiful and neat; of recent renovation.

Left of main entrance is a Mandapam called Bakthamara Mandapam with Lord Rishabha and saint Manadungacharior; then the Navagraha Thirthankars of 9 statues with inscriptions.  Apart from the right side, in the corridor a separate shrine room of shri Shreyamsanathar and Shri Parswanathar idols with vimanam is there.

Next a five shrines structure with Shri Saraswathi, Shri Brahmadevar, Shri Jwalamalini, Shri Padmavathi and Navagrahas statues. Opposite to that Shri Kshetrabalagar lies in separate room.
Inside the Mahamandapam, Ardhamandapam Shri Adhinathar granite statue is fascinated as main deity.  On either side entry to the sanctum and sanctorum Marble statues of Shri Komuga yakshan and Shri Chakreshwari yakshi were fascinated. Other metal statues of Lords/demi-gods, Yaksha, Yakshis and patterns of Non-built temples of Nandeeswaram, Mahameru, and Sruthaskandam metal alloy structures were preserved. A stone carved 24 Thirthankars is also there.

Poojas twice daily, Nandeeswara pooja once in four month, Navarathri pooja are conducted regularly. Annual festivals of Urchavam were conducted also.