Thursday, December 24, 2015

Siddhar caves, Kolli Hills

Siddhar caves, Kolli Hills
This is a cave located in Kolli hills. It is a small cave that can accommodate one or two members. It is found to be on the way of Agaya Gangai. The cave includes ancient materials used by the Siddhar, who lived in that cave.

The Siddhar Caves, situated on the Kolli Hills, are considered to be the residence of sages who practised medicine centuries ago. The size of some caves is so small that only one or two people can go inside at a time. These caves are also surrounded by small groves full of medicinal herbs.

To visit these caves, one has to trek for 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach the Pampatti Siddhar Kugai (cave), in which only one person can go inside at a time. Another cave to visit while trekking is the Agasthiar Kugai which is another 30 minutes from the previous cave.

As this trek is not a recommended one for those physically unfit; it is good to make all preparations like carrying water, energy drinks and eatables with you, before you set for this adventurous trip.