Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Veedur Dam, Villupuram

Veedur Dam, Villupuram
Veedur Dam is located in Veedur which is a village panchayat in the Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu stateIndia

It is the largest village by area and population in the districtNational Highway No. 45; From Chennai to Dindigul via Tiruchirapalli, goes through the hamlet.

Veedur lies in the northeast part of Tamil Nadu, between Chennai and Villupuram. It is 142 km (101 mi) south of Chennai and 50 km (98 mi) north of Pondicherry

The surrounding area has many bodies of water, forestsfarmland, and vegetation, as well as Veedur Dam, which is built at the confluence of two area rivers.

The Mailam temple of Lord Murgaa is 10 km from Veedur. Veedur is Politically, Veedur is part of the Viluppuram Lok Sabha constituency and the Viluppuram State Assembly constituency.

The village is secular, but a majority of residents are Hindus and Jains. The village is known for Shivan Kovil and Adhinath Bhagavan Jain Temple, both at least 1200 yrs. The village also contains a church and facilities dedicated to demigods like Ayyanarappan. In addition, Veedur is known in the field of religious literature. The town's main economy is agriculture.

The dam with its reservoir fulfill 1.5lakh acre of farm land’s water requirement providing the good harvest and makes the surrounding area to feel self sufficient.  Veedur dam is equipped with children’s park. It is located between the Tindivanam – Villupuram Highway near Vikravandi.