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Kattalagar Temple, Shenbagathoppu Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar

Kattalagar Temple, Shenbagathoppu Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar
Kattalagar Koil is a temple located in southern hills (Meru Malai) of TamilnaduIndia, about 17 km from Srivilliputhur (birthplace of Andal). The temple is at a hill top. There is a spring in the temple; it is a wonder to see a spring in the hill top, since water flows only downwards. None of them know from where the water is flowing. And the water speed is equivalent throughout the year. The spring has crystal clear water throughout the year. Behind the temple, there are two mountain ranges visible. One of them resembles the face of Perumal (Lord Vishnu) and other one resembles a frog.

Kallalagar of Madurai as Kattalagar:
Kattalagar is Kallalagar of Madurai came to Srivilliputhur to marry Sri Andal. But before his arrival, Sri Andal got married to Sri Ranganathar and Kattalagar stayed there in the forest.

Noopurangangai Theertham:
The theertham of this temple is Noopurangangai. When Brahma performed Abhishekam for the lord's holy feet, a fraction of the water came into contact with one of the anklets of the perumal and fell in this kshetram and thus the theertham got the name Noopurangangai. Once, Durvasa rishi cursed sage Subadha to become a frog. After taking bath at the theertham the sage was freed from the curse The auspicious theertham flows into a large tank from a faucet and a special feature of this theertham is that water from the faucet flows uninterruptedly without any break during all times.

The Temple
A holy fountain called “Nupura Gangai” is present at the base of the temple. It is the place where Saint Subadha got deliverance from the curse given by Saint Dhurvasar. There are 246 steps to ascend the mountain. Here, Lord Sundaresa Perumal alias Kattalagar, along with Sri Devi (Sundara Valli) and Bhooma Devi (Soundara Valli), blesses the devotees, being in standing posture.

The statues of Dhuvaragapalagar, Saint Subadha (Mandooga Maharishi), Chakkarathalvar, Senai Mudhalvan, Adhivaragar and Gnanapiran are housed in the inner hall (Artha mandapam) of the temple. The Karudazhvar temple facing towards Lord Kattalagar is located on the outer side of the big hall. The statues of Protector-Gods like Pathinettaampadi Karuppasamy, Yama, Kalan, and Thuthan are found in this big hall. The pillars of this hall are embellished with excellent artistic designs.

The place where the temple is being located is a beautiful one and has some exotic views. The place is the best for tourists and it is considered as a very auspicious place for worshipping. Temple is kept open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM.  One has to take a walk of six kilometers in the forest to see the deity. The forest itself is made a sanctuary for Grizzled Giant Squirrel. There is a water-fall on the way to the temple. Water will be available in the streams along the way. Wild animals like elephants, Bisons and giant squirrels can be spotted sometimes.

On Tamil New year day and every Saturday, special poojas are conducted. A large number of worshippers get the darshan of Lord Kattalagar on the last Saturday of every Tamil month.
Kattu Azhagar Temple is situated about 18 kms south of Srivilliputtur near the foot of the Western Ghats (Merku Todarchi malai). Government buses are operated from dawn to dusk, between Srivilliputhur and Shenbagathoppu. The usual way of reaching this Temple is to reach Shenbagathoppu - Pillaiyarkovil and then from there reach Meenkuthi Parai. From Meenkuthi Parai it is a narrow route leading to Kattu Azhagar Temple. Devotees have to walk around 6 km to reach the temple.

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