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Malaiperumal Temple, Alathur, Nagapattinam

Malaiperumal Temple, Alathur, Nagapattinam
Malaiperumal Temple, also popularly known as Arut Chithar temple is located at Alathur village of Nagapattinam District of Tamilnadu. This temple was built over the Samadhi of a famous saint of Tamilnadu, known as Malaiperumal Swamigal.

The construction of the temple was started by the initiative taken by the local villagers, when the Siththar was alive, during the 19th Century. Due to additional funds required to complete the construction, a local businessman, Subba Pillai, travelled to South Africa, and provided additional funds to complete the work. It is said that once he returned from South Africa, the saint, Malaiperumal Siththar attained Samadhi in the temple. Later, a Shiva Lingam was placed over the mausoleum of the saint and worshipped. This idol is still kept intact and worshipped by the Alathur village residents and devotees from around the world.
The Temple
A Shiva Lingam was placed over the mausoleum of the saint and worshipped. There are other idols in the temple too, including those of Vinayaka, Subramaniya-Valli-DeivayanaiBhairava, Kamalambika and Chandikeswarar. Also, we can find the Sun God and Shani God placed on a single dais inside the temple. The temple also hosts an idol of Sri Malaiperumal Siththar. A meditation hall for meditation is there in the temple in which the portrait of Sri Malaiperumal Swamy is placed. This hall can hold around 20 people at a time.

Avani Magam:
In the Tamil month of Avani, and the day pertaining to the star Magam, a festival commences in the temple and continues for 10 days. During the festival days, special prayers are organized and food is distributed to devotees visiting the temple.
Pournami Pooja:
On the full moon day of every month, special prayers are organized in the temple. Around 500 people participate in the event every month.
Alathur is located 16 Kms towards North from District headquarters Nagapattinam, 7 Kms from Thirumarugal and 288 Kms from State capital Chennai.

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