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Sattainathar Temple, Sirkazhi – Legends

Sattainathar Temple, Sirkazhi – Legends
Different Names:
In ancient times, this town had twelve different names, including Brahmapuram, Venupuram, Thonipuram, Kazhumalam, Pugali, Sirkazhiswaram and Shri Kali.
Kali worshipped Shiva here:
As per popular belief, Kali is believed to have worshipped the presiding deity, Brahmapureeswarar, and thus the place came to be known as Srikalipuram, which went on to become Sirkali.
According to Hindu legend, during one of the biggest deluges that submerged the planet earth, Hindu god Shiva is said to have carried the 64 arts on a raft (called Thoni in Tamil). The presiding deity in the temple, Shiva, is thus called "Thoniappar" (the one who carried the raft) and the region is called "Thonipuram". 
Shiva is believed to have quelled the arrogance of Hindu god Vishnu, after showing his dominance over the three worlds and hence got the name "Sattainathar" here. The town is thus called "Sattainathapuram", which in modern times, is a suburb within Sirkazhi.
Parvathi fed milk to Sambandar:
Tirugnanasambandar 7th century Saiva nayanar, as an infant is believed to have been fed with the milk of wisdom by the divine mother Parvati on the banks of the temple tank. The child Sambandar started singing the anthology of Tevaram hymns from then on, commencing with "Todudaiya Seviyan". Sambandar refers the town as "Kazhi" in his verses. It was called Shiyali during British rule, and after Independence, it was renamed "Sirkazhi".
Temple Customs:
Lord Vishnu had to face adverse dosha for punishing emperor Mahabali.  To prove that Shiva and Vishnu are not different but one, Shiva wore the skin of Vishnu as a shirt.  Mother Mahalakshmi misunderstood this as Shiva had destroyed Vishnu and stopped wearing flowers in her head.  As a custom in the temple, women coming to this shrine avoid wearing flowers in their heads. Men should come to the shrine without shirts.  
Shiva, Supreme head of all Laws:
As Lord Shiva is the supreme head of all Laws-Sattam in Tamil, He is praised as Satta Nathar.  Hence, people involved in litigation seek His blessing to win their cases.
Trimurthy with their Consorts:
Sirkali is the only temple where Brahmma-Saraswathi, Shiva-Parvathi and Vishnu-Mahalakshmi and the procession deity bless the devotees from the sanctum sanctorum as in Mount Kailash.
Sattai Muni Siddhar:
The Jeeva Samadhi – monument of Sattai Muni Siddha one of the 18 siddhas is in the temple with a peeta-stage above. People can have the darshan of Lord from this platform. Abhishek is performed here on Fridays. Punugu-a cosmetic paste is applied at 12.00 p.m with garland of Vada-Vadamalai. Pulse porridge is offered as nivedhana.
Sage Romasa penance:
Sage Romasa performed penance in Mount Kailash on Lord Shiva. He prayed to Lord that he should grant the Kailash darshan to people of South.  
Contest between Adisesha and Vayu:
A contest arose between Vayu and Adisesha about their might. Adisesha covered the whole Kailash.  Vayu could not move the mount. At the request of Devas, Adisesha slightly raised one of his heads to yield in to Vayu.  Thus a small part of the mount was brought to this place by 20 birds.  
Kalavithu worshipped Shiva here:
A king Kalavithu by name was sad as he had no child.  He came to this Chinna Kayilai-Small Kailash, worshipped Lord and got his boon realized.
Brahma worshipped Shiva here:
Lord Brahmma became proud thinking that he was greatest among the Murthis. To teach Him a lesson, Lord made him forget the Pranava Mantra. Realizing his folly, Brahmma worshipped Lord Shiva here and got his memory restored. As Brahmma worshipped here, the place is known as Brahmmapuram and Lord as Brahmma Pureeswarar.
People who worshipped Shiva here:
Kumaravel, Sirkali, Brahma, Vishnu, Guru, Indiran, Sun, Moon, Agni, Sedan, Raghu, Kedhu, Vedavyasa and Kalavithu are the people worshipped Shiva here. 

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