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Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Anandhamangalam – The Temple

Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Anandhamangalam – The Temple
The presiding deity Vasudeva Perumal along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi blesses the devotees and is east facing in standing posture. Mother Shengamala Valli Thaayar is housed in a separate shrine. While the procession deity Rajagopalaswamy appears with Bama and Rukmini. Mother Sengamalavalli Thayar has the shrine on the north part of the temple facing south. In a special shrine outside the temple Hanuman appears on a deer vehicle. Thri Nethra Chaturbhuja Veera Anjaneyar temple is facing towards east. Anjaneyar here is with 3 eyes and with 10 hands holding Conch (Sangu), Chakram, Soolam, Kabaalam, Madhatchagam, Pasamankusam, Bow, Arrow, Sattai, Navaneetham and has two feathers in both side.

Theertham is Annumar Theertham, which is located opposite to this Moolavar temple. Thri Nethra Chaturbhuja Veera Anjaneyar temple is located in the pleasant looking environment adjacent to Sri Rajagopala perumal temple. Anjaneya Swami with Chaturbhuja holding shanku, chakra, navaneetha, and pasham is housed in the main temple and is north facing while Sri Rajagopala perumal temple is east facing. The idol of "Thri Nethra Dasa Bhuja Sri Veera Anjaneya" (Veera Anjaneya with three eyes and ten hands) is about four and half feet tall and made of panchaloka (alloy made of five basic metals).  

This 'Uthsava Moorthi' (the deity taken out in procession) is so pleasing spreading 'Anandha' to the devotee, one would never want to take his eyes off from the deity. The Veera Anjaneya is south facing in the Sri Rajagopala Swamy temple. Here the Utsava deity of Anjaneya assumes a little more significance than the Moolavar deity unlike in other Vishnu temples. 

Visiting the temple on No Moon Day is said to liberate devotees from Navagraha Dosham. Vada Maalai, Vathalai Maalai, Tulasi Maalai, Poo Maalai and Lemon Maalai poojas are performed for Trinetra Dasa Bhuja Anjaneya. The temple in its current form is believed to have been built during the rule of Vijayanagara Period with the deities similar to the ones South West of this temple at Mannargudi. 

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