Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mohaideen Andavar Mosque, Thirukkalachery, Nagapattinam

Mohaideen Andavar Mosque, Thirukkalachery, Nagapattinam
Mohaideen Andavar Mosque in Thirukkalachery  is located in Mosque Street (also called Pallivasal Street; Pallivasal in Tamil means "mosque"). This mosque got its name when it was originally built in the land donated by local philanthropist in 1936 and through donations from Indian immigrants from Malaya (now Malaysia) and French Indochina (now Vietnam). Donations were collected mainly by Pitchai Ghani Rawuthar and Ave Mohamed Yusuf (both now deceased).

This mosque was then re-built in 1990 by Ave Mohamed Yusuf's son, Ave Abdul Hameed with his own funds without any donations from the public. However, Ave Abdul Hameed's son Ave Abdul Bachir had said that he had donated US $100,000 (approximately equivalent to about 4 Million Indian Rupees then) in a single payment from Switzerland towards the reconstruction of this mosque. No other reliable donation details within the Ave's family or his other children were available while he was still alive after the construction of this mosque.
This mosque still retains the name Mohaideen Andawar Mosque or Mohaideen Andawar Jamea Masjid. This is one of the biggest mosques (with a unique large dome similar like Prophet Muhammad's Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia) in Nagapattinam District of Tamilnadu.

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