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Sayavanam Chayavaneswarar Temple – The Temple

Sayavanam Chayavaneswarar Temple – The Temple
The temple occupies around 2 acre of land and a tank across the temple. Presiding Deity is called as Chayavaneswarar / Rathina Chayavaneswarar and Mother is called as Ambal Kuyilinum Nanmozhi Ammai, Kokilavani and Goshambaal. Moolavar is little shorter on a square Aavudaiyar. Lord Shiva in the temple is a swayambumurthy. Also it is here, that Lord Muruga holds the bow and the arrow instead of his usual weapon Velayudham, readying for the war against Soorapadman. It is also said that the idol of Lord Muruga was found in the sea and taken from there to the temple. Muruga also wears the Veeragandamani (anklet) in his right leg, presented by Father Lord Shiva.

The temple of Champagi Amman, guardian deity of Poompuhar is nearby the temple. The tank is on the south side. In the place of Kodimaram the flag post, Lord Vinayaka is in the place. As this is a Mada type temple, Nandhi is on a higher level. There are shrines of Sun, Indira, and Iyarpagayar Nayanar with his wife in the outer prakara. There is also a shrine for the three Saivite saints. The devotees, while circumambulating the prakara can also have the darshan of Lords Vinayaka, Muruga and Kala Bhairava on a higher level and Mother Gajalakshmi and Navagrahas.

In the end, they reach Bats Mandapam through steps and the Palli Arai and Ambigai shrine. The temple of Champagi Amman, guardian deity of Poompuhar is nearby the temple.  The tank is on the south side. Sthala Vriksham is Korai Tree and Theertham is Sangumukha Theertham, Iravada Theertham. The temple is facing east and the temple tank is in front of the east entrance. The Sannidhi for the female deity is also located in the inner prakaram along with the main sanctum for Lord Sayavaneswarar.

The temple in this Sthalam is one among the six temples which are compared as equivalent to the temple in Varanasi.
The other 5 Shivasthalams are;
·        Thiruvenkadu
·        Mayiladuthurai
·        Tiruvaiyaru
·        Tiruvidaimarudur

·        Tiruvanchiam

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