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Kamakshi Maha Mari Amman Temple, Thenpathi, Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam

Kamakshi Maha Mari Amman Temple, Thenpathi, Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam
Kamakshi Maha Mari Amman Temple is located at Thenpathi near Sirkazhi town in Nagapattinam District of Tamilnadu. Sthala Vriksham is Vembu. In this temple She is named as Salai Karayal Kamakshi Mari Amman.

Powerful Kartha Veeryarjunan had 1000 hands, a commanding personality and the strength equal to Sun God. He even kept Ravana in captivity. He worshipped sage Thirisada and obtained Agni missile. He tried to capture the divine cow Kamadenu from Sage Jamadagni who treated him with all hospitality. He beheaded the sage and killed his sons and took away the cow violently. Parasurama who was not in the place then, returned back to the hermitage and learnt about the atrocities. He vowed to destroy the Kshatriya community for 27 generations and executed the pledge by killing them with his axe weapon.
When he cremated his father sage Jamadagni’s mortal remains, His mother Renuka Devi fell on the fire to join her husband.  Lord Shiva caused heavy rains to put off the fire and rescued Renuka Devi. Lord appeared before her and said that she was part of his Devi and that she was not an ordinary human woman. He said that she should stay in earth in the name of Mari Amman and protect her devotees.  Mari in Tamil means rain. Renukadevi was rescued by the rains, hence praised as Mari Amman.    
The Temple
Rajagopuram of the temple is facing east. The prakara – circular route – is broad enough for easy movement of the devotees.  A tall trident, flag post and the holy tree Vembu with Nagars underneath adore the temple. Lord Vinayaka, Uthirapathiar, Kathavarayan accompanied by Bommi, Aryamala, Chinnan, Muneeswarar, Karuppannasami, Pechi Amman and other deities grace the devotees.
It is habitual among the devotees to chase witchcraft and black magic evils with Amman worship. A great serpent statue is on the western prakara with Saptha Kannikas sitting around. During the Masi festival, special pujas are dedicated to Saptha Kannikas. Mother Maha Mari Amman blesses the devotees from the sanctum sanctorum in a sitting form with two hands.
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. continuously.
Aadi month of the Tamil calendar corresponding to July-August and Masi to February-March are the two months when great festivals are celebrated in the temple. 108 ovens are used to cook Pongal offering to Mother Amman. On the third Friday, 108 abisheks are offered to Amman with devotees bringing 108 Milk pots, 108 fruits, 108 types of Padayal-nivedhana. Everything dedicated to Amman that day shall be in 108 numbers. The Pongal is offered to devotees as Prasad. Special Homas are performed in the Mahamandapam on each Poornima-full moon day. Special abisheks are dedicated to Mother on the 10th day of Vaikasi (May-June)) festival: Huge number of devotees play Karakam on the day, carry Alagu Kavadi, milk pots, walk on the fire pit and submit their prayers. On the Uthara star days, special pujas are dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. Uthirapathiar is worshipped with special pujas on the Masi Magam day (February-March).
Majority of devotees throng the temple seeking child boon. Realizing their wishes, devotees offer new Saris to Amman. Devotees receive the Padayal food Prasad in their clothing and eat it in the temple itself hoping that they will get a child without fail.
Sri Kamakshi Maha Mari Amman Temple,
Sirkali, Thenpathi,
Nagapattinam District
Mobile: +91 – 9843680057 / 9865556488 / 9965640188
The temple is about half a kilometer far from the Sirkali new bus stand in Thenpathi on the Mayiladuthurai road. Nearest Railway Station is located at Sirkazhi and Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

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