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Sikkal Singaravelan Temple – Legends

Sikkal Singaravelan Temple – Legends
Kamadenu got rid of the Shiva Curse here:
Once upon a time, Kamadenu was cursed by lord Shiva, when it ate meat. Later feeling guilty of its action, it got rid of its sin by taking bath in the holy water point of this temple and worshiped here, as told by Lord Shiva. After getting rid of the sin, Kamadenu offered its milk which later become Parkulam (literal meaning: the milk pond), which is located behind the temple.
Thiru Vennai Nathar:
It is this holy water point (The Parkulam) of the temple where Vashista Maharishi performed a pooja here, by making a lingam with the butter from the Parkulam. After completing the pooja he tried to move that lingam, but it sticked to that place, and never moved. As a result Vashista Maharishi regarded this place as Sikkal. Here the Lord Shiva is called ‘Thiru Vennai Nathar’ (Vennai means butter) as he was made up of butter. Interestingly, Thirukkannankudi - a Vaishnava Divyadesam (near Keevalur nearby) has a legend associated with Vasishta offering worship to an image of Krishna which he had fashioned out of butter. 
Lord Muruga got his Vel from his Mother here:
It is also said that Lord Murugan had got his Vel (weapon) from his divine mother at Sikkal, to kill the AsuraSoorapadman in Srilanka. He performed Soora Samharam (literal meaning: killing Soorapadman) by setting up the base camp in Thiruchendur.
Muchukunda Cholan:
Legend has it that Muchukunda Cholan, associated with the Tiruvarur legend built this temple.
The swamy here unravels the problems of the devotees and hence the place is called Sikkal (Sikkal means problem in Tamil).
Sweating Wonder:
The day before the ‘Soora Samharam’, Singaravelar (Lord Murugan) would get the “Vel” (a weapon) from Ambal and the following day he would quell Soora. Prior to this Singaravelar would appear indignant and he couldn’t manage the power of Vel and he started sweating. Even today, a day before Soora Samharam he will sweat and when they try to wipe the sweat using silk cloth it won’t stop. This is a wonder here and it is called “Sweating wonder”.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Vishwamitra, Kaarthiyaayanar, Naradar, Muchukunda Chakravarthi have worshipped in this holy place.  
Sathru Samhara Tiri Sathai:
Devas worshipped Lord Muruga by offering him ‘tirisathai’ to protect them from the onslaught of Soorapadman.  Hence, Lord Muruga put an end to Soorapadman and saved devas.  The belief is that by offering the ‘Sathru samhara tiri sathai’ prayer to Lord Muruga, we will be relieved of enemies’ attack and reap benefits.
Kolavaamana Perumal:
Once devas complained about the troubles caused by Mahabali Chakravarthi of the Asura clan. So when Lord Vishnu took Vaamana avatar, it is believed that he came to this sacred place, worshipped Lord Siva and got power to annihilate Mahabali. Hence, Lord Vishnu of this place blesses the devotees with the sacred name ‘Kolavaamana Perumal’ from a separate sanctum.
Sculptor of Sikkal, Ettikkudi and Enkan:
This temple is rich in history and legend. Sikkal is also closely associated with Ettikkudi and Enkan through the legend of a sculptor who carved the three Murugan idols of Sikkal, Engan and Ettukkudi are exquisite and carved by the same Shilpi. When he carved the idol with every detail of the 6 faces of the lord with separate ear ring holes, hands separate weapons and balanced on the single leg of the peacock with space below the claw. The king wanted to prevent any other replica so he obtained the thumbs of the Shilpi as a guarantee. Even with this lack of thumbs the Shilpi sculpted a replica at Ettukkudi for this the king removed the eyes of the sculptor. The Sculptor was directed by a divine voice to sculpt a more detailed Singaravelan at Engan when he received both his thumbs and vision.

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