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Therazhundur Vedapureeswarar Temple – Legends

Therazhundur Vedapureeswarar Temple – Legends
Shiva cursed Parvathi:
Once, Parameswara and Mahavishnu played dice game with Parvati as the umpire. At one phase, there arose a doubt regarding the number of the dice. The umpire Parvati supporting Perumal found fault with Siva. The infuriated Siva cursed Parvati to become a cow. Lord Vishnu felt that because of him only Parvati became a cow and so incarnated as a cowherd in this place. So, the name of the Perumal of this sacred place became ‘Aamaruviappan’. 
Parvati who became a cow went to several sacred places, prayed and finally came to this holy place, worshipped Lord Siva and got back her beautiful figure. She was called ‘Soundaryanayaki’. Those who want their beauty to be liked by others can receive Grace from this Ambal. Lord Siva regretted for having cursed Parvati as a cow, came here and taught Veda to the priests - hence the holy name of the Lord, ‘Vedapureeswarar’. The mandapam where Lord Siva and Vishnu played dice game is still there.  
Jnanasambanda Vinayakar:
As a child when Tirugnanasambandar came to this place, two temples were seen high on two sides and there arose a doubt in him which of these was the Siva temple. At that time, Lord Vinayaka of this place pointed to a temple, “that is the temple of Easwara”. Hence, this Vinayaka is known as “Jnanasambanda Vinayakar”.  
Sage Agastya was worshipping the Lord of this place. King Urthuvaradan, without knowing this, was driving his car along the sky-space. The car paused and did not move. Hence, this holy place came to be known as ‘Therazhundur’.
Nandi denied entry to Ashtadhik Balakas:
During the period when Siva and Shakti were separated, Indra and other Devas came here to meet them. But, Nandi did not allow them to meet Lord Siva. So the Ashtadhik Balakas installed Lingam around the city and worshipped. The Lingas are still seen here. 
People worshipped Shiva here:
Kaveri and Sage Agastya were relieved of their curses here. So they have separate Sanctum. The Lord of this sacred place was worshipped by the Vedas, Devas, Ashtadhik Balakas and sages.  

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