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Veera Anjaneyar Temple, Pudupakkam, Kanchipuram

Veera Anjaneyar Temple, Pudupakkam, Kanchipuram
Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple in the village of Pudupakkam is 5 km from Kelambakkam, on the road towards Vandaloor, is the beautiful small temple situated atop a hill called Gajagiri hills. The temple is told to have a strong connection with the Nithiya kalyana Perumal Temple in Thiruvidanthai, next to Kovalam in ECR. It seems, every year they set/said to follow a custom of carrying certain things as procession from the Anjaneyar Temple to Nithiya kalyana Perumal Temple in times of festival. 

The temple for Sri Veera Anjaneyar is located on a very small hill filled with trees and plants. The hill looks beautiful and there are steps to climb up the hill to reach the temple. One can get a very scenic view of the surrounding places while ascending the hill. Also the cool breeze pampers us as we climb up. It is also said that Rajinikanth is an ardent devotee of this Anjaneyar and visits here whenever possible.

Though there are no evidences like sculptures or history about the origin of this temple, it attracts lot of devotees from various places. The temple is too calm with good vibrations and is a must visit for Sri Hanuman devotees. Sri Anjaneya graces from a hill temple – Gajagiri hills. The Anjaneyar Temple is located in Pudupakkam, Chennai suburb. Pudupakkam is in the Kelambakkam – Vandalur Road on the Kelambakkam side (around 3 km from Kelambakkam bus stop).

Sri Anjaneya is the only person who visited Lanka thrice. The first was on a mission searching Mother Sita. He met her in the Ashoka Garden of Ravana in his land, identified himself with the Kanayazhi – the wedding ring she gave to Rama and received her Choodamani to prove to Rama that he had met his consort. In this first visit, He also played the role of a wise diplomat to pursue Ravana to hand her over to Sri Rama with all honour. As the Lanka King was unrelenting, He showed his might by setting ablaze his city.

The second was the march of the army, building of the Sethu Bridge and reaching Lanka with Lord. The third was his departure from Lanka and return with the Sanjeevi Mount through the air route. The Rama-Ravana war lasted for 18 months according to Sage Valmiki’s epic. Many of the famous commanders of Ravana and his brothers laid their lives for him in the war. Ravana was shaken. Yet, his son Indrajit promised that he would rebuild the glory of the kingdom by defeating Rama with his martial prowess backed by magic warfare. He made Lakshmana fall with his arrow applied with serpent Mantra. 

Yet, as the incarnation of Aadhisesan, Lakshmana fell only fainted by the power of Indrajit’s Nagasthra. An herbal remedy was necessary to restore him back to consciousness. That herbal was available only in the Sanjeevi Parvatha. Hanuman set out with all his might and returned with the mount itself and Lakshmana awoke sooner the very smell of the herbal touched him. On his way back, Hanuman just got down to perform his Sandyavandanam, the evening prayers. That place was Pudupakkam where Sri Veera Anjaneya temple exists on the Gajagiri hills. 
The Temple
The temple is on a hill with 108 steps. Lord Sri Rama with Mother Sita and brother Lakshmana graces the devotees from his shrine opposite the sanctum sanctorum. 6 feet tall Sri Veera Anjaneya appears majestically in standing posture, just ready to fly, with his face towards North where stood the Sanjeevi Mount, while the body faces east. His right leg is firm on the ground while the left is ready to fly. 

One of hands shows the Abhaya Mudra – assuring protection to the devotee. The left is on the hip. There is a bell at the end of the tail raised above the head. There is the Lotus symbol on his Naval. Lord Vinayaka graces from his shrine at the foot of the hill. There are 108 steps to reach the Gajagiri hill where the temple stands. 

For Mother Sita every place is Ayodhya where Lord Sri Rama is present. So, Sri Rama is present where Hanuman is present. He has his shrine opposite to that his Bhakta in this hill temple. The story that Sri Hanuman flew and brought the Sanjeevi Parvatha to restore Lakshmana to life is popular among us.

It is believed that Madhwa Saint Sri Vyasatirtha (who became Sri Raghavendra Swamiji in his next incarnation) established 108 temples for Hanuman. He is historically known to have installed 732 Anjaneya vigraha all across India to protect dharma. This temple is one among them. The unique feature of his iconography is bell tied at the end of tail. This distinguishes Sri Vyasatirtha installed Anjaneya from those installed by others. Based on this belief, the hill temple has 108 steps. The Pudupakkam temple is closely linked with Lord Sri Nitya Kalyana Perumal in Thiruvidanthai, one of the 108 Divyadesas of Lord Perumal.

Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
The temple grandly celebrates Hanuman Jayanthi and Sri Rama Navami in March-April.
People come to pray to Sri Veera Anjaneya to realize all their wishes in life. Devotees do the Vennai Kappu – covering the presiding deity with butter and offer garlands of betel leaves.
The temple is on the Tambaram-Kelambakkam road, 12 km far from Vandalur. Conveyance facilities are available. Nearest Railway Station is located at Chennai and Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.



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However, it is not Sage Vyasa but the well known Madhwa saint Sri Vyasatirtha (who became Sri Raghavendra Swamiji in his next incarnation) who installed this temple. He is historically known to have installed 732 Anjaneya vigraha all across India to protect dharma. This temple is one among them. The unique feature of his iconography is bell tied at the end of tail. This distinguishes Sri Vyasatirtha installed Anjaneya from those installed by others. Thanks.

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