Sunday, September 25, 2016

Edamachi Temples, Kanchipuram

Edamachi Temples, Kanchipuram
Edamachi is a small village located on the Salavakkam – Thirumukkudal Road in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. This Village has a set of ancient temples.

Muktheeswarar Temple
The temple is on the main road itself in the Salavakkam – Thirumukkudal main road. The Lord here is Muktheeswarar and the lingam is a big and beautiful Bana lingam with all the mudras on it. The Ambal is Kamakshi Amman. There are separate shrines of Vinayagar, Subramanyar and Navagrahas. The Ambal shrine is within the main shrine itself. Koshta Gods and Godess, Bairavars and Chandikeswarar are located in the Temple. There is a temple tank attached to it. There are inscriptions around the sanctum.

Gidankarai Shiva Temple Ruins
An Ancient Shiva Temple is in complete ruins can be spotted in a place called Gidankarai on the way from Edamachi to Salavakkam, about 2 kms from Edamachi.  Once upon a time, there should have been a temple here and two tamarind trees had grown around the lingam in such a way that the lingam is now just peeping through from the bottom between these two massive trees. The remains of the compound walls are seen. The Nandhi and the Chandikeswarar were lying around, half-buried under the earth and now they are put in proper places and daily poojas / Pradhosha abhishekams have been started.

There was a Nadukal of a warrior who sacrificed his life for some great work or saving the village, or war fare whose statue is kept on the Samadhi. This beautiful Idol is located 2 – 3 Kms before Edamachi.