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Chenganmaaleeswarar Temple, Chenganmaal, Chengalpattu

Chenganmaaleeswarar Temple, Chenganmaal, Chengalpattu

Chenganmaaleeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Chenganmaal village near Kelambakkam in Thiruporur Taluk in Chengalpattu District of Tamil Nadu. Presiding Deity is called as Chenganmaaleeswarar and Mother is called as Periya Nayagi / Brihan Nayagi. The Temple is considered as Parihara Sthalam for eye related ailments.


As per legend, Lord Shiva created a powerful weapon Chakrayudha (discus) for annihilating the demon Jalandhara and subsequently killed him using the Chakrayudha. On seeing the powers of Chakrayudha, Lord Vishnu desired to have the weapon for himself. He started worshipping Lord Shiva with 1008 lotus flowers to realize his wish. Lord Shiva made the last flower to vanish. When Lord Vishnu was about to offer the last flower, he was shocked to see the missing last flower.

Without any second thought, Lord Vishnu plucked one of his eyes, offered to Lord Shiva and completed the pooja. Pleased with his determination, Lord Shiva appeared before him and gave him the divine Chakrayudha. As Lord Vishnu (Chenganmaal -  another name of Lord Vishnu) worshipped Lord Shiva here, Lord Shiva came to be called as Chenganmaaleeswarar and the place came to be called as Chenganmaal.


The Temple is believed to be built by the early Chola Emperor Kochengata Chola in 3rd century CE. Lord Shiva of this temple, Chenganmaaleeswarar and the place, Chenganmaal was named after him. There are inscriptions dating back to 12th century CE by Cholas and later period inscriptions belonging to Nayak Kings found on the walls of the temple.

The Temple

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Temple Opening Time

The temple remains open from 07.00 AM to 12.00 Noon and 04.30 PM to 08.00 PM.


Devotees pray to Chenganmaaleeswarar for relief from eye related ailments.


Chenganmaaleeswarar Temple,

Chenganmaal, Thiruporur Taluk,

Chengalpattu District – 603 103

Mobile: +91 99529 24944 / 91767 70308 / 98845 04932


The Temple is located at about 200 metres from Thaiyur Bus Stop, 2 Kms from Kelambakkam Bus Stand, 2.5 Kms from Kelambakkam, 6 Kms from Thiruporur, 15 Kms from Sholinganallur, 22 Kms from Mamallapuram, 25 Kms from Thiruvanmiyur Railway Station, 26 Kms from Thiruvanmiyur, 29 Kms from Tambaram, 30 Kms from Chengalpattu, 33 Kms from Chengalpattu Junction Railway Station, 35 Kms from Chennai Airport and 39 Kms from Chennai. Chenganmaal is situated on the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), just 6 Kms before Thiruporur. Buses from Broadway – Thiruporur and Tambaram – Thiruporur stops at Chenganmaal.