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Vedapuriswarar Temple, Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai

Vedapuriswarar Temple, Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai
Vedapuriswarar Temple is a sacred place on the northern banks of the Cheyyar River in the Thiruvannamalai District near Kanchipuram in the state of Tamilnadu. This sacred place is now known as Cheyyar but was previously called Thiruvothur. This is one of the important towns in Thiruvannamalai district. It includes a sub-collector office, taluk office, two courts and a special prison. It gets its name from the Cheyyar River. The temple is situated on the banks of the river. This is the 8th of the 32 Devara Stalams in the Thondaimandalam region of South India.

It has the legend that Thirugnana Sambandar, one of the four great Saivite saint visited the temple and changed a male palm tree to flower by singing verses in Tamil. This Temple is formerly known as Vedanadeshwarar temple. The Ancient name for Cheyyar River is Seiyaru with the meaning of the river created for a child to play. There is also an ancient temple - Pattchieeswarar temple and another ancient Temple – Pathala Vinayagar Temple.

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Although this temple had been founded earlier, inscriptions primarily from the middle and later Chola periods (11th -13th centuries) indicate expansion of temple during Chola time. Arunagirinathar, a devotee of Lord Muruga worshiped and wrote Tamil song on the God of this temple.

The Temple
This temple has a few unique distinctions. The Nandi, which usually faces the Shiva Lingam, is facing the opposite direction. The great Speciality of the temple is that one will be able to have the Dharsan of the Lord, Goddess, Lord Muruga, Lord Ganapathy and the Palm tree standing in a single place which is not possible in other temples. There are separate sannidhis for the Pancha Bhoota Sthalams of Shiva like Chidambaram, Thiruvanaikkal, Kanchipuram, Kaalahasthi and Thiruvannamalai, so we get the benefit of praying at all these places here itself.

There is a rare Nagalingam idol here which is also prayed to for begetting progeny and also during Rahukalam pooja prayers here will be answered. The outer praharam has the nandi and Kodimaram. The nandi is facing outside toward the main entrance. The temple pond Manasa Theertham is located in the outer praharam. The next inner praharam houses the main Sannidhi, Ambal Sannidhi and the Pancha Bhoota lingam sannidhis. The entrance to the main praharam is flanked by Narthana Ganapathy, Murugan and The Nagalingam.

The inner praharam houses the sannidhis of the lord and Ambal, The Shivan Sannidhi has to be entered through two main halls with various inscriptions. The third hall is the Garba graha with a majestic rough surfaced Shiva lingam facing east. The koshta Vigrahas here are the usual Narthana Ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma and Durga. The Ambal Balagujambikai is about 3 feet tall and standing in her separate Sannidhi with her own Koshta Vigrahas Ganapathy here is a rarity. The Goddess holds the Rudraksha Mala in one hand, a lotus bud in the other.

The navagraha Sannidhi is in front of the Nagalingam. During Saturdays and Rahukalam there are special poojas for these lords. There are 8 entrances for the temple and the devotees can reach the Moolavar from any entrance. Sun rays fall on the presiding deity and very especially on the Ratha Sapthami day.

Temple Opening Time
·        Morning: 5.30 AM to 12 Noon.
·        Evening: 4.00 PM to 8.30 PM
The devotees of the temple and the natives of the town celebrate a festival every year with street processions which spans 10 days, called Brahmotsavam. The 6th, 7th and 10th days of the festival are celebrated in a grand manner. The 6th day is celebrated on a large scale by the Brahmin Community Trust. The 7th day function is celebrated in grand manner called Thiruther Vaibhavam. It is the main day of festival. The 10th day function is celebrated at night.
10 days Bhrammotsavam with street processions and Kailash Darshan festival for Ravaneswaran on the last day, Laksha deepam (One lakh deepas) Festivals for Gnanasambandar and Sundarar, Monthly Deepa Puja for the Goddess, Abishekam to the palm tree each Tamil Month, Deepavali, Tamil and English New Year’s day and Pongal are the days of festivity in the temple.
Literary Mention
For brief details, please refer below link;
For brief details, please refer below link;
Vedapuriswarar Temple,
Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai
Phone: 04182- 224387
It is located at a distance of about 33 Kms from Kancheepuram, 33 kms from Arani, 33 kms from Arcot, 34 kms from Vandavasi.

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